Use Sprint Points

Sprint points are used in Agile methodology to estimate the amount of effort it will take to complete an item in your backlog. Sprint points are also called story points.

Use our Sprint Points ClickApp to add points to any task. You can also track points from subtasks and assign separate points to each assignee!

Use Sprint Points with the Sprints ClickApp or for resource management in Timeline view. This lets you track individual capacity for quick task delegation.

What you'll need

  • Sprint Points are available on all plans.

  • Free Forever and Unlimited Plans have a limit of 100 uses of Sprint Points.
  • Everyone, including guests, can use Sprint Points.

Enable the Sprint Points ClickApp

To enable Sprint Points for your Workspace:
  1. Click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Select ClickApps.
  3. Enable Sprint Points.
  4. From the Sprint Points modal, click Point Values and edit, delete, or add a new set of numbers.
  5. Choose additional settings:
    • Rollup Sprint Points: Display the combined total of points from both the parent task and any subtasks.
    • Points per Assignee: Assign different points to individual assignees when using the Multiple Assignees ClickApp. The point total displayed for each task will be the sum of points assigned for each assignee.

      When you remove an assignee from a task, their points will automatically be removed. If you remove the last assignee, their points will be left on the task.

    • From the Sprint Points modal, to select where the ClickApp is enabled click Select Spaces.

Set Sprint Points for one assignee

To set Sprint Points for one assignee:
  1. Open a task.
  2. In the upper-left, click Add Sprint Points and choose a point value. Or from the Comment section, type the /Slash Command /pts to open the Sprint Points modal.
    Screenshot showing how to add sprint points in the Sprint Points modal.
  3. The total sprint points display under the task status.
Screenshot of the total sprint points displayed under the task status.

Set Sprint Points for multiple assignees

When setting Sprint Points for multiple assignees, there are a few more options.
  1. Make sure that the Multiple Assignees ClickApp is enabled.
  2. Open a task.
  3. In the upper-left, click Add Sprint Points.

    The full options for multiple assignees don't display when using the /Slash Command /pts to open the Sprint Points modal.

  4. You can manually choose different point values for each assignee. Or to automatically set the same value for all assignees, click Set all then select a point value.
    Screenshot showing how to use Sprint Points with Multiple Assignees.
  5. The point total displayed is the sum of points assigned for each assignee.

Edit Sprint Points

  1. To edit a task's sprint points, click into the points value text box to open the Sprint Points modal.
  2. To edit an assignee's points, click the point dropdown.
Screenshot showing how to change the points value in the Sprint Points modal.

Use Sprint Points in Dashboards

You can use Dashboards to give you a central place to understand your team's capacity.
Simply select a widget, or customize your own, and set Sprint Points as the y-axis value in any of the following widgets:
  • Line chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Battery chart
  • Calculation
  • Portfolio
  • Burnup
  • Burndown
  • Cumulative Flow
  • Velocity Chart

Use Sprint Points in Formulas

You can use Sprint Points in advanced Formulas.

Screenshot of an advanced Formula using Sprint Points.


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