Average age of tasks

The Average age of tasks is a calculation used by several Dashboard cards


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Average age of tasks 

Average age of tasks is a y-axis option for these Dashboard cards:

Bar chart 

Line chart

Pie chart

Battery chart

Legacy Sprint Velocity 

Legacy Sprint Cumulative Flow

Legacy Sprint Burndown

Legacy Sprint Burnup

Average age calculation

Average age is calculated in the following way:

Some cards have the option Include closed. This option is off by default. If you want the calculation to include tasks in Closed status, you'll need to enable this option.

Here's how Average age is calculated: 

  • Task A was created 3 days ago.
  • Task B was created 5 days ago.
  • (3 days ago + 5 days ago) / 2 tasks = an average age of 4

The option chosen for the x-axis determines how tasks will be grouped. Using the example above, if you choose an x-axis of Status type the tasks display like this:

  • Task A was created 5 days ago and is currently in Active status. 
  • Task B was created 3 days ago and is currently in Not Started status.

The average age of these tasks is 4. The tasks are grouped by status, though, so what we see on the Dashboard card is this:

  • On the x-axis: Active and Not Started.
  • On the y-axis: 5 days and 3 days. 


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