Change your Layout

Change the size and style of your Workspace layout.

Choosing a layout only applies to you personally, but will be reflected in any Workspace you own or join.

What you'll need

  • Every Layout is available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • Guests can use Layouts to customize their experience.

Switch your Layout

You can easily switch between layouts and decide which you one prefer from the Sidebar settings menu.

You can also change Layout size & style settings by clicking on your avatar in the lower-left corner.

Note: Portfolios and Reporting are only available on Clean and Modern layouts.

To change your Workspace layout:

  1. Hover over the top-right of the Sidebar.

  2. Click the settings cog icon.

  3. Click Layout size & style.

  4. Select your preferred layout type.

    • On Clean and Modern Layouts, pick your icon and text size.

  5. You can also set your Sidebar to use Dark mode.

  6. Click Done.

  7. Your Sidebar will be updated immediately!

Layout types

Simple Layout

Simple Layout is our recommended style. All your Spaces, Dashboards, Docs, and more are condensed in your Sidebar. Click each tab to expand or minimize it!


Screenshot of the Simple Layout.

Modern Layout

Modern Layout allows you to collapse everything into a narrow Sidebar, giving you even more screen space. With no division between Spaces, Folders, or Lists, it's the easiest way to find your work.


Screenshot of the Modern Layout.

Clean Layout

Clean is a more condensed layout where Home, Favorites, and notifications can all be found to the far-left above your Spaces. The separation between views is also more defined. 


Screenshot of the Clean Layout.


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