Privacy, Permissions, and Guests

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ClickUp's Sharing and Privacy settings mean that you’re in complete control of who sees what, what permissions they have, and who has the ability to add new members to a Workspace. 

There are three main areas to understand in ClickUp: user roles, sharing, and permissions.


The table below shows an overview of what each user role can do. Some items may not be available to you, depending on the permissions applied by your Workspace owner or admins.

User Roles Guest Member Admin Owner

Guests can't view Everything.


Guests can't see everything in Spaces.

Folders, Lists, tasks

Guests can be invited to specific items.


You can allow individual guests to create views.

Create items

Guests can't create Spaces, Folders, or Lists.

Create tasks

Guests with edit or full permissions can create tasks.

Create Docs
Privacy and Sharing

Guests can't create or be assigned to Goals or Targets.

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Guests can't edit Tags.

Time Tracking and Time Estimates

You can allow individual guests to view and use time tracking and time estimates.

Custom Fields

You can allow individual guests to view and use Custom Fields.

Bulk Action Toolbar
Invite people to your Workspace

Members can invite guests and members with limited permissions.

Delegate reminders
Integrations, imports, and exports
Transfer Workspace ownership
Delete Workspace

What are guests? 

Guest seats are great for working with people outside your organization who only need to access specific items in your Workspace.

Key details include:

  1. Guests don’t have access to Spaces

  2. Guests can’t create Spaces, Folders, or Lists

  3. Guests can’t see everyone on the Workspace 

For full details on guest seats, click here.


All paid plans include unlimited view-only guest seats for free!

Workspaces with 1 member on the Unlimited Plan have access 5 guest seats to use with permissions. Each additional member seat opens up +2 guests seats to use with permissions.

Example: I have three paid members in my Unlimited Plan Workspace. I have 9 guest seats to use with permissions, and unlimited "can view" guest seats!.

The Business Plan is great for if your workflows require coordination with lots of external collaborators! With a 1 member Workspace on the Business Plan, you will have access 10 guest seats to use with permissions. Each additional member seat opens up +5 guests seats to use with permissions.

Example: I have four members in my Business Plan Workspace. I have 25 guest seats to use with permissions, and unlimited "can view" guest seats.

What are members?

Members are people that you generally trust and don’t mind them being able to create things. Members: 

  • Create Spaces, Folders, and Lists

  • Get access to all public Spaces

  • Can see everyone on the Workspace

  • Can share things with guests and other members (but can’t add new members) 

What are admins?

Admins are people that can be trusted to manage your Workspace. This includes:


In your Workspace, you can make any item - Spaces, Folders, Lists, and tasks - private and choose to share them only with select members of your Workspace.

By default, an item will be “public” - meaning it’s shared on the same lines as its parent item. For example: 

  • A public task, is available to anyone with access to its parent List. 

  • A public List, is shared with anyone who has access to its parent Folder

  • And a public Folder, is shared with everyone who has access to its parent Space  

Making an item “private” means it has a virtual privacy wall around it, and for someone to access the item, it must be shared with them.

By default, members see all public items, and can be invited to private items.

Guests will only see items that are shared with them.

Each time you invite someone to share a private item, you’ll get an option to set a permission level.


Do you have sensitive information that you want locked down? Do you not completely trust that people you invite won’t mess something up? Or, maybe you just want some peace of mind when sharing!

These are the perfect cases to use permissions

With paid plans, permissions can be set for everyone - including both guests and members. You can set permissions for both public and private items. 

PDF overview can be found here.

Make the world more productive

To recap, you can share with anyone, customize privacy, set permissions, and add guests to ClickUp. 

With these tools, we hope to enable you to be more productive, and eventually gain extra time in your life!

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