Desktop Command Center

Use ClickUp Search and run commands from anywhere on your computer.

Launch any app on your Mac, and use Universal Search to find your work that lives outside of ClickUp.

What you'll need

The ClickUp desktop app must be running in order to use the desktop Command Center. If you close the desktop app window, the app will continue to run in the background.

Open Desktop Command Center

To open the Desktop Command Center:

  • Press Cmd + J on Mac.
  • Press Ctrl + J on PC.

You can customize these shortcuts from your desktop app settings.

Search ClickUp

Open the Desktop Command Center and start typing to search your ClickUp Workspaces and the apps you've connected with Universal Search.

Screenshot of the Command Center.

Quick create ClickUp items

Open the Command Center and type Create to create new items, including Tasks, Docs, and Reminders.

Use commands

Type / in the Command Center to see all available commands.

Start typing the name of a command and press Enter, Return, or click on the command to run it.

Launch apps from your Mac

Type in the name of apps installed on your Mac to open them right from the Desktop Command Center.

For example, type Open Spotify to play your favorite music.

Or type Open VS Code to start working on your coding projects.

Use the Desktop Command Center and ClickUp in a web browser

If you prefer to use ClickUp in a web browser, you can still use the Desktop Command Center.

Launch the ClickUp desktop app and close the desktop app window, without quitting or completely closing the app.

The desktop app will keep running in the background, and you'll see the ClickUp icon in your system tray.


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