Edit Custom Fields with Custom Field Manager

Update existing Custom Fields to make sure they meet your team's needs.

Changes other than location-specific actions apply to all the tasks where the Custom Field is used.

What you'll need

  • Owners and admins can access the Custom Field Manager.
  • Members and guests with the Manage Custom Fields Custom Permission can access Custom Field Manager.
  • Custom Field Manager is available on all ClickUp plans.
  • The Custom Field Manager is only available on ClickUp 3.0.
  • The options to merge and move Custom Fields are available on the Business Plus and Enterprise Plans.

Edit a Custom Field

You can edit Custom Fields to configure them for everyone in your Workspace.

From the Custom Field Manager:

  1. Click on a Custom Field to open the editor.
  2. Set your preferences.
  3. The Custom Field will be updated instantly.

You can also quickly edit Custom Fields from List view: 

  1. Click the Custom Field you'd like to edit. 
  2. Select Edit field
  3. Use the Edit field modal to make any changes or select Advanced Settings to open the Custom Field Manager. 

Image of the Edit field option when you click on a Custom Field in List view

Custom Field options

The Custom Fields options available will vary by Custom Field type.

Options include:

  • Name: Update the name of the field.
  • Type: Set the Custom Field type. You can convert Custom Fields to different types.
  • Description: Give a Custom Field a meaningful description to help others understand how it's used.
  • Options: The options will vary depending on the type of Custom Field. For example, the Options section includes items displayed in a dropdown Custom Field.
  • Location: Show the specific Workspace, Space(s), Folder(s), and List(s) where your Custom Fields exist on tasks.
  • Add location: Search and select additional Spaces, Folders, and Lists to add the field to tasks in those locations.

    Location changes are automatically saved.

  • Settings: Set your preferences for the Custom Field, including:
    • Required in Tasks: The field must have a value set when a task is created. Required Custom Fields are always pinned.
    • Required in Subtasks: The field must have a value set on subtasks.
    • Pinned: The Custom Field always appears on tasks even when the field is empty.
    • Visible to Guests: Guests can view the field and values.


Undo changes

You can undo changes made to Custom Fields by clicking undo on the confirmation message displayed after making a change.

Once the confirmation message disappears, you can no longer undo the change.

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