How to use ClickUp for meetings and agendas

Meetings are an important part of each team's workflow. With this article, learn how to use ClickUp to organize your team meetings and agendas.

Organize your hierarchy

ClickUp's Hierarchy gives you the ability to manage your team meetings and agendas easily. To get started quickly, you can use our Meetings Folder template.


We recommend creating a Folder where all of your team meetings are located.

Image of the Meetings Folder in the Sidebar


Within the meetings Folder, we recommend creating a List for each meeting that your team has. For example, you can create a List for larger team meetings and another List for individual one-on-ones.

Image of the Lists within the Meetings Folder in the Sidebar


Each meeting List should contain tasks that represent the individual meetings. By creating a task for each meeting, you can keep track of the updates and meeting notes directly within the task itself.

Image of the Lists within a meetings List

Tasks in ClickUp have many features that can help you with managing your team meetings, including the following:

  • Assign comments to delegate meeting action items to teammates.
  • Add tags to organize and keep track of what's going on in your meetings.
  • Use Checklists to keep track of simple action items.

Recurring tasks

For your meeting tasks, we recommend that you use recurring tasks to automatically create tasks for meetings that occur regularly. For example, if you have a meeting every Monday at 9:00, you can create a task that recurs every Monday at the same time.


Views provide a unique perspective on your work. For team meetings, we recommend the following views to make your workflow more efficient:

Calendar view

Calendar view allows you to view your meeting tasks in a traditional calendar and even sync your tasks to your Google Calendar so that you never miss anything.

Image of Calendar view

Chat view

Chat view lets you talk about items outside of tasks in a specific location in ClickUp. View attachments, notifications, unfurled task links, and embeds in one place. 

Use Notepad

Notepad makes it easy to keep track of meeting notes and convert them to tasks later. You can quickly come back and view or add to these anytime.

Additional resources

For more assistance in setting up your Workspace to track team meetings, take a look at these resources:

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