How to use ClickUp for Meetings and Agendas

ClickUp offers plenty of powerful features to help you take notes, monitor an agenda, and set action items that hold your team accountable in one place!

Manage your Meeting Agendas

Set up your Hierarchy

Add our Folder template called Meetings into the Space of your choice. The template includes Lists to help you categorize each meeting type (This Month, 1x1s, and Upcoming Topics). Feel free to customize the template to your liking!

You can then create tasks in these Lists for each meeting:


Screenshot of Meetings Folder and Lists


Add Detail with Custom Fields

With our Custom Fields feature, you can create unique task fields to describe the conference room and team type for each meeting. The Folder template shown above includes lots of custom fields to get you started including progress percentage, note, and colorful dropdown fields.

Custom Fields can be set at the List level, so if needed, you can create a different set of Custom Fields for each List.

Important Task Features

  • Super rich editing and image embedding in a task's description allow you to get creative when taking notes for a meeting!

  • Assign a comment to delegate a small action item to a teammate that won't slip through the cracks

  • Add tags to give more description about what's going on in the meeting (Team Event, Urgent, etc).

  • Checklists are perfect for keeping track of simple action items. You can nest and assign specific line items, or even save a checklist as a template for later use.

Set up Recurring Meeting Tasks

There is no need to manually create a task for every meeting. Use our recurring tasks feature to trigger them automatically!

Let's say you have a meeting every Monday at 9:00 AM. You can set up a task with your checklist and outline to be created every Monday at 9:00 AM!

Chat View

Add a Chat view to discuss items unrelated to specific tasks - in any view or location in ClickUp. These give you all the same power of attachments, notifications, unfurled task links, and even embedding. 


Animated gif showing hot to add a Chat view

The Notepad

This feature is perfect for keeping track of simple checklist items, brainstorming sessions, or documenting meeting minutes. Your notepad is for your eyes only, so other users won't be able to see what you've written. 


Animated gif of a checklist in Notepad

Slack Integration

Slack's Call feature offers the perfect solution for hosting a meeting with your teammates, whether or not they work remotely.

With ClickUp's Slack integration, it's easy to incorporate and reference your task workflows while hosting a call on Slack! Check out these docs to learn more.


Animated gif of a Slack notification from ClickUp


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