Task Templates: Remap Subtask Dates

Do you use task templates and need to update your task and subtasks' dates?

Rather than changing every subtasks' dates manually, you can remap them when you apply your template.

When you apply a task template, you can adjust all subtasks' and nested subtasks' start and due dates just by changing the parent task's due date!

The subtasks' dates will be increased (or decreased) relative to the change you make to the parent task's due date.

Before we begin...

Here are a few important details to note before we get started:

  • Remapping subtasks dates only applies to subtasks included in the task template

  • At this time, you can't remap dates when creating a task from a template using the +Task quick create option

Now that we've got those details covered, let's begin!

How does it work?

We'll use an example to demonstrate!

Step 1: Create a task template

You will need to have a task template created that includes at least one subtask to remap its dates.

  1. Create a parent task with a due date of July 10

  2. Add two subtasks with start and due dates:

    • Subtask 1 start date: July 1

    • Subtask 1 due date: July 6

    • Subtask 2 start date: July 5

    • Subtask 2 due date: July 10

  3. Save the parent task as a task template including the start date, due date, and subtasks

Gif showing the process to save a template.

Note: Check out this Doc to learn more about creating templates!

Now that we have a template with subtasks available for use, let's apply the template and remap the subtasks' dates!

Step 2: Apply your task template

As you apply your task template, you'll have the opportunity to remap subtask dates.

  1. Create a new empty task, or open an existing task

  2. Click on the task settings ellipsis ...

  3. Browse Template Center and select an existing task template

  4. Select the option to Remap Dates

  5. Set the Parent Due Date to July 20

  6. Click on Use Template to apply it to the task

  7. The subtask due dates will be adjusted accordingly:

  • Subtask 1 start date: July 11

  • Subtask 1 due date: July 16

  • Subtask 2 start date: July 15

  • Subtask 2 due date: July 20

The parent task start and due dates were moved 10 days into the future, so both subtasks will also be adjusted 10 days into the future!

Screenshot showing the steps to apply a task template.

As you can see, we've made remapping subtask dates easy. It's as simple as setting the parent task due date when applying your task template! 

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