Printing in ClickUp

You can print a hard copy or save a PDF of many items and views within ClickUp.

Printing is only available in the web app.

What you'll need

  • All ClickUp Plans allow you to print an unlimited number of individual pages.

  • Guests can print tasks and views they have access to.

Print a task and task description

To print everything in a task description:

  1. Open a task.
  2. Click Task Settings ... .
  3. Select Print.
  4. Choose any browser print settings you want, then click Print.

Print from a view

You can print an entire List, Board, Calendar, Table, or Activity view by opening up the view and using the hotkey cmd + p  on a Mac, or ctrl + p  on a PC. 

To make sure all tasks are printed in List view, scroll to the bottom of your screen until all tasks have loaded.

Print Doc pages

Take your digital content from Docs into the real world, by printing out individual pages from your ClickUp Docs.

Save as a PDF

  1. Click Print (Command + P on Mac or Ctrl + P on PC).
  2. Change the destination.
    Screenshot of the 'destination' dropdown in the print menu.

  3. Select Save as PDF.

Troubleshoot view issues

If you're experiencing a strange view issue, try enabling printing background graphics in your browser's print settings. This includes additional features like tags.

  1. When you reach your browser's print modal, click More settings.

  2. Enable background graphics.

  3. Click Print.
Screenshot highlighting the 'more settings' option in the print menu.

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