Convert notes to tasks

Turn a note into an action item by converting it into a task.

What you'll need

Convert notes to tasks

To convert a note to a task:

  1. Open the Notepad.
  2. Hover over the note you want to convert and click the + icon. You can also do this from the ellipsis ... menu within the note.
    Screenshot of someone converting a note to a task.
  3. Select the List you want to add the task to.
  4. Add task details. By default:
    • The note's title will automatically become the new task's title.
    • The note's contents will automatically become the new task's description.
  5. In the lower-right corner of the task creation modal, click Create Task.

After the task is created, you'll have the option to delete, archive, or keep the note you converted.

Screenshot of the delete, archive, and keep options after converting a note.

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