Dashboard widgets overview

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Customizable widgets are the building blocks of Dashboards. Use common charts, specialized widgets for time tracking and sprints, add rich text blocks, conversations, and embed anything.

What you'll need

  • 100 uses of Dashboards are available on the Free Forever Plan

  • Unlimited uses of Dashboards are available on the Unlimited Plan and above

  • Some widgets are only available on the Business Plan and above

  • The Dashboards ClickApp is enabled in every new Workspace by default, but a Workspace owner or admin may disable the ClickApp

  • Guests can be invited to specific dashboards with view-only permissions

Types of widgets

We have a huge number of widgets available. To keep them organized and help you find the widgets you need, we've organized them into categories.

Check out each of the categories below to learn about the widgets available.

Widgets available on each Plan

Widgets available on the Unlimited Plan

The following widgets are available on the Unlimited Plan and above.

  • Portfolio

  • Time Reporting

  • Time Estimated (legacy)

  • Time Tracked (legacy)

  • Worked on

  • Workspace points

  • Who's behind

Widgets available on the Business Plan

The following widgets are available on the Business Plan and above

  • Bar Chart

  • Battery

  • Billable Time

  • Calculation

  • Line Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Priority over time

  • Sprint Widgets

  • Status over time

  • Tag usage over time

  • Time Sheet

Widgets that update daily

The following widgets update on a daily basis. All other widgets update immediately. Changes made to tasks will be reflected on these widgets at 4:00 am the following day, based on your timezone settings in ClickUp.

  • Priority Over Time
  • Tag Usage Over Time
  • Status over Time
  • Burnup
  • Burndown
  • Cumulative Flow
  • Cycle Time
  • Lead Time
  • Line Chart (custom widget)
For example, Sam has a Burndown widget on a Dashboard tracking their team's sprints.
On Tuesday, two tasks are marked done. On Tuesday, the Burndown widget will show those tasks as in progress.
On Wednesday, at 4:00 am (local time for Sam), the widget will update and reflect that those two tasks were completed.

Add widgets to a Dashboard

You can quickly and easily add widgets while viewing or editing Dashboards.

  1. From a Dashboard, click + Add Widget in the top-right corner.

  2. Find the widget you want to add:

    • Search for a particular widget using the filter prompt.

    • Browse through the widget categories shown on the left.

  3. Click on a widget to set your preferences.
    Note: The options available will vary by widget!

  4. Click Add Widget.

  5. The widget will be added to your Dashboard.

  6. Repeat these steps to add more widgets!

Screenshot of the options available on a Calculation widget.

Move and resize widgets

You can arrange widgets to organize your dashboard for maximum impact, and resize them to show even more detail.

Move a widget

  1. Click and drag any dashboard widget to move it

  2. Other widgets will adjust themselves automatically

Resize a widget

  1. Hover over the top, bottom, sides, or corners of any dashboard widget

  2. Once your cursor become resize arrows, click and drag to resize the widget

  3. Other widgets won't adjust automatically

animation showing resizing and moving widgets.

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