Assignees Widgets

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Assignees widgets are part of our Dashboards feature - giving you a visual of how many tasks each member of your team is working on as well as tasks that might've been forgotten. You can even get a birds-eye view into entire Team's productivity!

If you need further customization, check out the Custom widgets available on a Business Plan.

Available Widgets

  • Tasks by Assignee

  • Total Unassigned Tasks

  • Total Assigned (Not Completed) Tasks

How Assignees Widgets Work

Tasks by Assignee

View the total tasks number of broken down by assignee in three different display options:

  1. Pie chart

  2. Battery chart

  3. Bar chart

Screenshot of Tasks by Assignee Battery Chart Assignee Dashboard Widget

Total Unassigned Tasks

See how many tasks are not assigned in any location in your Workspace.


Screenshot of Total Unassigned Tasks Dashboard Widget

Total Assigned (Not Completed) Tasks

See how many have assignees, but have not yet been completed in any location.


Screenshot of Total Assigned (Not Completed) Tasks Assignee Dashboard Widget

How to Build an Assignees Widget

  1. Select the Location: Select one or multiple Spaces, Folders, or Lists within your Workspace

  2. Set the Subtasks: Toggle subtasks to be included or excluded from the chart

  3. Add a Task Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your widget

Note: You can search for Custom Fields to add them to your Dashboard widget.

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