Activity View

Wonder what activity is happening in a List, Folder, Space, or your entire Workspace? Add an Activity view anywhere to get an aggregated view of all activity across that location. Filter for people and type to get granular with the activity you see.

Screenshot of an Activity view.

You can even click into individual profiles to view what each user has been up to in ClickUp!

How to Add an Activity View

  1. Click + View in the Views Bar. 

  2. Select Activity.

  3. Enter a name for this view.

  4. Check the Private view box if you don't want anyone else to access it.

  5. Check the Pin view box if you want it to always display.

  6. Click Add View.

How to Use an Activity View

Search the Activity view with the search bar to find the action you're looking for.

Select what activity you want to be shown from the Activities dropdown.

Choose to hide or display subtasks in the activity feed by clicking Hide/Show Subtasks.

Choose whose activity you want to see through the people sidebar - or just select yourself!

Users on Free Forever Workspaces can view 24 hours of activity, Unlimited Plan Workspaces get 7 days of activity, and Workspaces on our Business Plan and above have access to unlimited activity history. Learn more about our different plans here.

Tip: Add an Activity view card to your Dashboard to simplify activity streams across your Workspace. This card is a great way to monitor activity on a project, comments on team activity, or status changes to know how different areas are progressing.



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