Make a required view

Keep your team aligned on how they visualize work with required views. Set up an important filtered view once, and keep everyone aligned on how they view and approach work. Use these default views to run team meeting agendas or share information with executives or team leaders.

List view is the only required view for Spaces, Folders, and Lists. However, you can choose to add other required views for each of your Spaces. You can even customize how those views are built each time they're created. 

List view is a required view and can't be removed completely. 

Make a required view

When you create a Space, you can make a view required. You can also edit the required views for any existing Spaces.

To make a view required:

  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to a Space.
  2. Choose Space settings and then All Space settings.
  3. From the Edit modal, select Default settings for views.
  4. Enable one or more views.
  5. Click Review changes.
  6. Review, then click Save changes

Gif showing how to make a view required

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