Portfolios (Legacy)

Portfolios will be deprecated soon. Our support team no longer troubleshoots related bugs. Learn more about our new Portfolio Dashboard card!

Portfolios give a high-level overview of what's happening in your Workspace. You can easily monitor the progress and health of related items to keep your projects on track. 

This is especially helpful for those managing and overseeing multiple moving parts.

Portfolios are also available in Dashboards with the Portfolio card, which can include Folders and Lists!

Note: Portfolios are not accessible if using the Simple Layout. Learn more about changing your layout here.

Creating Portfolios

You can create Portfolios, customize the view, and share them with whoever you want. Any changes you make to the view (for example showing/hiding columns) will be synced globally - so everyone sees the same columns.

  1. Click on the Portfolio icon in the sidebar

  2. Click on the + button

  3. Name your Portfolio

  4. Choose Lists to add to your Portfolio Note: the Portfolio card also supports adding Folders!

  5. Choose who to share your Portfolio with
    Note: Business Plan and above have access to Portfolio permissions

  6. Click Create Portfolio 

Using Portfolios

When viewing a Portfolio, you can choose what to display via columns. Your choices for columns are below:

  1. Custom calculations - make calculations based on Custom Fields; for example, you can track scrum points used across your Lists. 

  2. List colors - Use List colors for statuses, tags, or anything you like.

  3. Task status bar - see the distribution of tasks in your Lists based on their status

  4. Progress - The completion percentage of tasks in your List based on completed statuses

  5. Start date, end date, priority, and assignee for each List

  6. Time estimated - The total estimated time for tasks in the List

  7. Time logged - The total time tracked for tasks in the List

  8. Time remaining - The difference in Time estimated and logged

SHARE - Give access and set permissions (Business Plan and above) for your Portfolio

You may also add or remove Lists from your Portfolio at any time.

Portfolio Details

Will everyone that has access to a Portfolio see the same thing?

Yes and no. Yes, you will see the same columns and calculations. However, you will only see data based on which tasks and Lists you have access to. For example, if you don't have access to a List that's in a Portfolio, then you won't see that List in the Portfolio. 

Do Guests have access to Portfolios?

By default, when you create a Portfolio shared with your Workspace members, guests will not have access to the Portfolio. However, you can manually share a private Portfolio with guests individually. 

Editing Portfolios

Clicking the ellipsis ... menu for a Portfolio gives you the ability to edit.

Portfolio Plans

  • Unlimited Plan & above: Unlimited Portfolios

  • Business Plan & above: Permissions for Portfolios.


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