Use Portfolios (Legacy)

Portfolios will be deprecated soon. Our support team no longer troubleshoots related bugs. Learn more about our new Portfolio Dashboard card!

Portfolios provide a high-level overview of what's happening in your Workspace. Monitor the progress and health of selected items to keep your projects on track. 

Portfolios are only accessible in Clean and Modern layouts. Portfolios are not accessible in ClickUp 3.0.

What you'll need

  • Dashboards have replaced the standalone Reporting and Portfolio features.
  • Portfolio features are dependent on your ClickUp plan:
    • Workspaces on the Free Forever Plan get 100 uses of Portfolios.
    • Workspace on the Unlimited Plan and above can create and edit unlimited Portfolios.
    • Workspaces on the Business Plan and above can edit sharing options for Portfolios.
  • Guests cannot create or delete Portfolios.
  • Guests with edit or full permissions can edit Portfolios that have been shared with them

    This feature is available on the Business Plan and above.

  • Guests with view permissions can view Portfolios that have been shared with them.

    This feature is available on the Business Plan and above.

Create a Portfolio

Portfolios are only accessible in Clean and Modern layouts. Portfolios are not accessible in ClickUp 3.0.

To create a Portfolio:

  1. In the lower-left of the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... icon.
  2. Select Portfolios.
  3. In the upper-left, click + to add a new portfolio.
  4. Name your Portfolio and click Next.
  5. Select the Lists you want to include in your reporting.
  6. Users on the Business Plan and above can choose to make their Portfolio private.
  7. Click Review portfolio.
  8. Make any final edits and click Create portfolio.

Customize Portfolio columns

Customize your Portfolio columns to show only what you need. Changes made are automatically synced with your Workspace so everyone sees the same information.

Portfolio columns do not affect the tasks represented within. For example, if you set a start date and Priority for your Portfolio, it will not affect the start dates and Priorities of the tasks inside.

Your choices for columns are below:

Column Type Description
Color Use List colors for statuses, tags, or anything you like.
Calculation Make calculations based on Custom Fields. For example, you can track scrum points used across your Lists.
Statuses Display the distribution of tasks in your Lists based on their status.
Progress Display the completion percentage of tasks in your List based on completed statuses, start date, due date, Priority, and assignee for each List.
Completed Display the number of tasks in the Done or Complete status in your Lists.
Overdue Display the number of overdue tasks in your Lists.
Start date Set start dates for your Lists.
End date Set due dates for your Lists.
Priority Set Priorities for your Lists.
Owner Assign owners to your Lists.
Time estimated Display the total time estimated for all tasks in your Lists.
Sprint points Display the total Sprint Points for all tasks in your Lists.
Milestones Display all tasks marked as Milestones in your Lists. Hover over the diamond icons to see task names.
Time tracked Display the total time tracked for all tasks in your Lists.
Time remaining Display the difference between total time estimated and total time tracked in your Lists.

Add or remove Lists from a Portfolio

To add a new List to your Portfolio, click + Add List directly below your Portfolio.

To remove a List from your Portfolio:

  1. In your Portfolio, scroll all the way to the right.
  2. Click the ellipsis ... menu.
  3. Click Remove from portfolio.

Share a Portfolio

Users on the Business Plan and above can share Portfolios by clicking Share in the upper-right corner.

Keep in mind that not everyone will see the same data when looking at Portfolios. Users will only see data based on the tasks and Lists they have access to. For example, if you don't have access to a List that's in a Portfolio, then you won't see that List in the Portfolio.  

Edit a Portfolio

Click the ellipsis ... menu to edit a Portfolio:

  • Rename: Rename your Portfolio.
  • Duplicate: Duplicate your Portfolio.
  • Add Lists: Add additional Lists to your Portfolio.
  • Copy URL: Copy the URL of your Portfolio for easy sharing.
  • Sharing & Permissions: Share your Portfolio with your Workspace or make it private.
  • Delete portfolio: Delete your Portfolio.

    This action is permanent. Portfolios cannot be recovered once deleted.


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