How to use ClickUp for Accounting Firms

While being an accountant involves many diverse responsibilities, there's no need to manage them all with an array of disconnected tools. With ClickUp, you can handle everything from one all-encompassing project management platform!


Your Workspace represents your entire firm, including members from all of your company's different departments. It represents the overarching container for the rest of your workflows. 


Create a Space called Finance Management or Accounting to manage your clients and business-related action items. If needed, you can create an additional Space to manage internal, administrative items.

Here is an example of how to set up your Folders and Lists within your Accounting Space.

Helpful hint: Take advantage of our ready-made accounting template.

Folders and Lists

Create a Folder called Accounting and add a List for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable


Now you'll be ready to add tasks to your workflow. Tasks represent the concrete action items you'll need to complete to check off Lists and Folders.

The best thing about tasks is that they can be completely customized depending on how you want to meet your productivity goals!

Useful Features and ClickApps

Statuses: When it comes to dealing with other people's money, tasks are very rarely finished or unfinished. Add status workflows to indicate the progression of a task to your teammates. You can implement these at the Space level, Folder level, or List level.

Zapier Integration with Google Forms: Attach client-submitted forms directly to ClickUp tasks and Lists.

Custom Fields: Create a completely unique task field to set a value, budget, client contact number, and more. This is the perfect way to store all of your relevant client data directly in ClickUp.

Recurring Tasks: Prompt tasks to automatically open for important repeat actions, such as quarterly tax filing deadlines and invoice requests.

Templates: Create templates from your favorite Spaces, Folders, Lists, tasks, and checklists and reuse them at any time. This is perfect for speeding up your client on-boarding process, keeping track of invoice requests, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Calendar view: Visualize your upcoming tasks on the ClickUp calendar, or quickly drag and drop unscheduled items to arrange your day. You can even sync up your Workspace with your Google Calendar account. Any changes made from Google Calendar will automatically be reflected in ClickUp as well!





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