Remap Subtask Due Dates

The Remap Subtask Due Dates ClickApp automatically changes subtask due dates when their parent task's due date is changed.

For example, you change a task's due date from July 1 to July 6. All subtask due dates are pushed five days ahead.

What you'll need

  • The Remap Subtask Due Dates ClickApp is available on every plan.
  • You need to be an owner or admin to enable ClickApps.
  • Everyone, including guests with edit or full permissions, can remap subtask due dates.

Enable Remap Subtask Due Dates

To enable Remap Subtask Due Dates:

  1. Click the Quick Action menu icon in the upper-right.
  2. Select ClickApps.
  3. Enable the Remap Subtask Due Dates ClickApp.
  4. From the Options dropdown choose one of the following:
    • Don't trigger when subtasks are closed: The default. Won't remap closed subtasks. 
    • Trigger even when subtasks are closed: Will remap closed subtasks.
  5. From the Select Space dropdown, select the Spaces where you want to use this ClickApp.

Use Remap Subtask Due Dates

You have the option to disable this ClickApp each time task due dates are changed.

  1. Change the due date of a task that has subtasks with due dates.
  2. A modal displays with the option to change the subtask due dates.
    Screenshot of the popup showing the option to remap subtask due dates.
  3. Select No thanks or Change subtask dates.

Remapping subtask due dates does not work when dragging and dropping tasks in Gantt view.

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