Troubleshoot the GitHub integration

If you don't see the repositories that should be available, this help article will guide you through initial troubleshooting steps for our GitHub integration.

What you'll need

  • The GitHub integration is available on every ClickUp plan.
  • Admin permissions are required for each repository to link them to ClickUp Spaces.
  • Only Workspace owners and admins can update Workspace Settings in the App Center and link repositories to Spaces.
  • Only Workspace owners and admins can create shared connections.
  • Members and above can create private connections.
  • Guests can't use the GitHub integration.

Repositories are missing from ClickUp

Workspace owners and admins choose which GitHub repositories to link with your ClickUp Workspace. Repos can be viewed in the App Center by accessing GitHub and clicking Workspace Settings in the upper-right corner.

Screenshot of the repositories section in GitHub Workspace Settings.

Disconnect and reconnect GitHub

Sometimes, the wrong GitHub account is linked or there is an issue with the connection. In this scenario, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting your repos or entire account.

These actions do not impact anyone's ability to access repos using their GitHub account through GitHub.

To disconnect a repository:

  1. From the App Center, select GitHub.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Workspace Settings.
  3. Under Repositories, click the ellipsis ... menu to the right of the repository.
  4. Click Delete from ClickUp.
    Screenshot of someone removing a repository from the integration.

Read how to connect a repository again.

To disconnect your entire GitHub account: 

  1. From the App Center, select GitHub.
  2. Select the Private or Shared tab to locate your account.
  3. To the right of Connected, click the ellipsis ... menu.

    This removes all of your GitHub repositories from Spaces in the Workspace, including repos added by other people.

  4. Select Disconnect.
    Screenshot of someone disconnecting their GitHub account in the App Center.

Read how to connect your GitHub account again.

I can't see the GitHub icon on my tasks

If you've joined the Workspace as a guest, you won't be able to use the GitHub integration. Contact your Workspace owner or admin to request an upgrade to a Workspace member.

A Workspace owner or admin needs to add repos to one or more Spaces under the Repositories section in Workspace Settings. Tasks that live in these Spaces display the GitHub icon.
Screenshot highlighting the Add button next to 'Connect Repositories to Spaces'.png

GitHub activity is missing from ClickUp tasks

The task activity feed sometimes collapses similar activity items to ensure you see the most important details.

You can take the following actions to locate GitHub activity:

  • Click More updates to reveal activity that has been hidden.
  • When a branch is merged, commits display as a single activity item in the task's activity feed.
    • Click the link to all the commits to open a modal.
    • Click an individual commit to open it in GitHub.
  • Filter task activity by Git items.

Screenshot of someone filtering a task's activity by Git items.

Linking tasks by ID

Ensure that you're correctly referencing the ClickUp task ID to link activity in GitHub. You can use any of these three options to reference your ClickUp tasks on commits, branch names, and pull requests:




For example:




You can manually link ClickUp tasks with GitHub commits, branches, and pull requests from the ClickUp task.

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