Archive a task

If you're done with a task, but want to access it later, you can archive it to clean up your Workspace. When you archive a task, you're removing it from view, not deleting it. You can still search for and view archived tasks at any time.

The difference between deleting and archiving is that archiving allows you to access the information at a later time if necessary. 

Any files that are attached to the task will also be archived. To recover attached files, you must unarchive the task. 

What you'll need

Archive a task

To archive a task:

  1. Open the task you want to archive.

  2. Click the ellipsis ... in the upper-right corner of the task.

  3. Select Archive from the dropdown menu.

Archive multiple tasks

You can archive several tasks at the same time using the Bulk Action Toolbar:

  1. In List view, hover over the tasks you want to archive and click the circle on the left of each task.

  2. At the top of your screen, select the Archive tasks icon in the toolbar.

  3. Click Archive to confirm.

View archived tasks

You can easily track down archived tasks when filtering in any view:

  1. Click Filter in the upper-right corner of a view.

  2. Select Archived from the dropdown.

When filtering, you can also choose to exclude archived tasks from your view.

Unarchive a task

To unarchive a task:

  1. Filter for archived tasks in List view.

  2. Open the task you want to unarchive.

  3. Click Unarchive in the upper-left breadcrumb section of your task window.

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