Editing Folders and Lists

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ClickUp makes it easy to reorganize where your tasks are stored with a few simple steps.

To edit Folders and Lists from the Sidebar:

  1. Click the ellipses ... next to a Folder or List

  2. In the Folder or List Settings menu you can:

  • Rename the item

  • Copy the link to the item

  • Favorite the item

  • Duplicate the item

  • Move the item

  • Share the item

  • Archive the item

  • Delete the item

  • Go to the Template Center

  • Edit and add statuses

  • View add and Automations

  • Go to Manage Custom Fields

Folder Settings menu has these additional actions:

  • Create New List or Doc, and Import info from a CSV File, Asana, Jira, and several other platforms

  • Sort Lists A to Z

List Settings menu has these additional actions:

Note: New Folders and Lists are added below existing Folders and Lists in the sidebar. Simply click on Reorder Folders/Lists A-Z again as needed!

Editing Folders and Lists using our Mobile App

Edit your Folders and Lists on the go with our Mobile app!

You can:

  • Duplicate

  • Archive

  • Add to Favorites

  • Move

  • Share link

  • Delete

  • Choose statuses

  • Choose a color

Simply open a List or Folder from the Explore page and tap on the ellipsis to access the settings menu, or tap on the name of the Folder or List at the top of the screen.

Animation showing the mobile application.

Moving Folders and Lists

To move a Folder, all you need to do is select a destination Space.

Screenshot of moving a Folder modal.

To move a List, you will need to select the Folder that will house the List.

Screenshot of moving a List modal.
Alternatively, if you don't want your List to be housed in a Folder in the Space you're moving it to, you can simply drag and drop it directly into that Space!
Animation showing how to move a List to different location.

Removing Folders and Lists

It's important to note that there are two different ways you can remove Folders and Lists from your ClickUp Workspace. 

Archiving: This removes the Folder or List from view, but does not delete any tasks that are associated with that Folder or List. 

Unless you want to permanently delete tasks within the Folder or List, you should always use the Archive option. If you do want to delete tasks, just click the trash bin icon. 

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