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Page views let you add additional resources alongside your tasks. Here we'll discuss each type of page View and what's to come.


How to add a Page View


All views are added through the + in the Views Bar. 

  1. Click the + 

  2. Select Page Views

  3. Choose your View 


Embed anything. Add other platforms into your Workspace with just a few clicks.

  • Embed via URL - Apps like Google Sheets, YouTube, Twitter, and more allow you to embed their entire app via a simple URL.

  • Embed via HTML - We give you the power to customize your embed. Adjust your embed with a little HTML. Great for apps like Spotify, Airtable, and Typeform.

Read about everything you can embed here!


Whiteboard and Doc

Whiteboards and Docs are sharable! Create a public link to give anyone access with the permissions you choose.



Chat Views are where you'll chat about items unrelated to a specific task. These give you all the same power of attachments, notifications, unfurled task links, and more with the extra power of adding as many as you like to any location in ClickUp!


  1. All ClickUp task links can be found here

  2. All links to external sites

  3. Watchers of this chat (who will get notifications for any updates)

  4. Attachments

  5. Unfurled task links

  6. Rich text formatting! (Not shown)

Read more about chat here!



Streamline your intake process with Form view! Build beautiful Forms to collect information and automatically create tasks in ClickUp.


The quickest way to add a Form view is from the Sidebar. This will create a new List called Form and set the Form as the default view.


Drag-and-drop fields to quickly create a Form and start gathering data. Easily share your forms with anyone by copying the direct link or embed code to insert the Form directly into your website! 


GIF showing dragging and dropping fields into a form.


Moving a View

  1. Move a View from the ellipses menu

2. Copying a Page View now includes the content. This means if you create a Doc View and copy it, all pages and their content will be found in the copy. 


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