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Have a Space, Folder, or List you've set up with an extremely important view?

If you're on the Business Plan you can set it as a default to make sure everyone sees it first.

When you set a view as a default, each time someone visits the location with your default view in it, they'll be sent straight to that default view.

For example, let's say you're planning out a vacation schedule in a Team Vacations List. Instead of the default List View, you'd prefer to see everything on a Calendar.
By setting the Calendar as the default view, everyone always comes back to the Calendar view when they visit the Team Vacations List. 

What you'll need

Set a Default View

To set a view to be the default view for a Space, Folder, or List:

  1. Click the ellipses ... menu on the view you'd like to set as a default view.

  2. Click More settings.

  3. Toggle Default for everyone to make this a default view.

Example of a Calendar view set at the default for everyone.

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