Task Activity: Search & Filter

Trying to find something in a task that's been long buried under tons of comments? Now you can search and filter comments and activity items within tasks to find exactly what you're looking for!

Add an activity filter or select a specific person to only see task changes that you're interested in like status changes, tags added, priority adjustments, and more!

How to access this feature

  1. Open a task.

  2. Hover below the Creation Date in the task's activity area.

  3. Use the search bar to find what you need.

Gif showing someone search using the search bar inside task activity.

What you can do

1. Select the assignee icon to only see the activity from the people you want.

Screenshot highlighting the 'assignee' icon inside task activity.

2. Click Filter to add a filter and find the specific change you're looking for.

3. Search keywords to find the comment you're looking for.

Screenshot showing the search bar inside task activity.


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