Show future recurring tasks on calendar

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Schedule work with recurring tasks and preview when they'll recur in the calendar!

Show future recurring tasks

To see tasks that will recur in the future:

  1. From an open Calendar view, click Show.

  2. Click Show future recurring tasks on.

Screenshot of clicking Show future recurring tasks on.

Important notes

  • You must have recurring tasks set up in order for this feature to work. Learn how to do so here.

  • Legacy recurring tasks will not show future recurrences in Calendar view.

  • Showing recurring tasks on the Calendar requires a paid plan. If you're not on a paid plan, contact us and start your free trial of a paid plan so you can see all future recurring tasks in your calendar.

  • Future recurring tasks will always use the status color of the first Active or Not Started status such as Open or To do.

message that says that showing future recurring tasks is a paid plan feature

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