Use Recurring Task Overview

Use the Recurring Task Overview to view all recurring tasks in your Workspace.

What you'll need

  • Recurring Task Overview is available on all ClickUp plans.
  • Everyone, includings guests, can use recurring task overview.  

Open recurring task overview

There are two ways to open the Recurring Task Overview. 

From the Automations button: 

  1. Click Automations in the upper-right. 
  2. Click the Recurring tab. 

From the recurring task menu: 

  1. Open a task and click Empty in the Dates field above the task description
    • If a due date is already set, click the due date instead.
  2. From the lower-left of the modal, click Set recurring.
  3. Select the Recurring Task Overview icon at the top of the modal. 


Use Recurring Task Overview

Recurring Task Overview displays the most recent recurrence of any active recurring tasks across your Workspace. 


Open any recurring task by clicking its Task ID or use the columns to see the following information: 

  • Task ID 
  • Task Name 
  • Last Run: This column shows when the task recurred last. 
  • Next Run: This column shows when the task will recur next. 
  • Run Count: This column shows how many times the task has recurred. 
  • Rule: This column shows the recurrence schedule. 

Only the first 100 most recent tasks are displayed.

Use a filter to view all recurring tasks 

You can also view all of your recurring tasks using a filter. 

  1. Open the filters dropdown. 

  2. Select Recurring.

  3. Select is recurring


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