Manage subtasks in a task window using the Bulk Action Toolbar

You can use the Bulk Action Toolbar to manage multiple subtasks within a task window!

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Bulk Actions

You can perform the following actions with the Bulk Action Toolbar.

  • Set Watchers: Watchers are those who can see notifications and stay aware of everything happening within a task, even if they are not an assignee.

  • Set Assignees: Quickly change or add users to be in charge of a task. Need to move multiple tasks to a new person? Check the tasks and take care of them with one click!

  • Set Status: This allows you to push multiple tasks through your workflow. When looking at your progress in List View at the end of the day, check what needs to be moved and quickly push it forward.

  • Set Tags: Apply one or more Tags in bulk. This is the fastest way to add more structure to your task organization.

  • Convert to Tasks: Convert selected subtasks into tasks. They’ll be housed within the List you’re currently viewing.

    • You can also press Tab to turn all selected tasks into subtasks of the first task in the List. 
  • Duplicate: Copy one or multiple subtasks at once and create a new task.

  • Move Subtasks: Move your subtasks to a new parent task.

  • Set Dates: Quickly apply a start or due date to a group of tasks. Just click on the date icon in the toolbar, and you'll get a dropdown to select the date of your choice.

  • Set Priority: Find a group of important items and adjust priorities at the same time!

  • Set task type: Apply a custom task type to the subtasks.

    This is only available in ClickUp 3.0.

  • Add Dependencies: Select multiple subtasks to "block" or "wait on" others.

  • Merge subtasks: Combine the contents of your selections into a single task or subtask

  • Task Linking: with the option of many to many or many to one

  • Set Custom Fields: Quickly assign or remove custom fields on multiple subtasks at the same time.

  • Archive subtasks: Close subtasks and clear them from view instantly. You can find them any time by using a filter for archived.

  • Delete: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to clean out your tasks and having to delete them one.. by one.. by one. This option moves your selected subtasks to the Trash where they can be restored for 30 days.

  • Copy to Clipboard: Copy subtask details to your clipboard to share with your team.

  • /Slash Commands: Make even quicker changes with Slash Commands.

Use the Bulk Action Toolbar

To select multiple subtasks and apply bulk actions:

  1. From the task, hover to the left of a subtask and click the selector button.

  2. Select the subtasks you want to update.

  3. Click the bulk action option on the Bulk Action Toolbar. 

Sort subtasks

To automatically sort your subtasks:

  1. Click Manual. 
  2. Select a sorting option.
Image of the Manual sort option in the subtask section of a task

You can use the Bulk Action Toolbar for subtasks when you’re not in task view, too! Check out this doc to learn more.

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