Moving Tasks

Create tasks anywhere in your Workspace, then move them to other Lists in your Workspace.

For example, you could build a project plan in a single List, then move tasks into separate Lists to represent each project phase, or move tasks that belong to other teams into their Lists.

What you'll need

  • You can move tasks on any ClickUp Plan.

  • Guests with Full permissions can move tasks between Lists that have been shared with them. 

Move a task from task view

You can move a task you're working on right from task view.

You'll see the task's location in your Workspace displayed as breadcrumbs at the top-left.

  1. From a task:

    • Click the Move task button to the right of the location breadcrumbs.

    • Click the task settings ellipsis ... and select Move.

  2. Select a new Space, Folder, and List.

  3. Your task will move to its new home!

Screenshot of task settings menu highlighting the Move selection.

Move tasks in bulk with the Bulk Action Toolbar

Select one or more tasks that you would like to move to another List. Then, click on the Move Tasks icon in the Bulk Action Toolbar.

  1. Click the Move tasks tab.

  2. Select a new Space, Folder, and List.

  3. Your tasks will move to their new home!

Here’s an example of what this looks like in List View:

Move with the Multitask Toolbar in List view

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