Subtasks in Multiple Lists FAQ

Using subtasks to manage parts of an Epic, goal, or project? Add Subtasks in Multiple Lists to your workflow!

What's the difference between Tasks in Multiple Lists and Subtasks in Multiple Lists?

Tasks in Multiple Lists allow you to add tasks and their subtasks to additional Lists. Subtasks in Multiple Lists allows you to add just subtasks and their nested subtasks to an additional List.

Can I add a subtask to more than one List?

Yes, subtasks will work the same way as Tasks in Multiple Lists, and can be added to more than one List.

Can you add a subtask to the List where its parent task lives?

No. You can only add subtasks to other Lists at this time.

If you select two or more subtasks from different Lists, you will see all Lists as an option to choose from, including the home Lists of the selected subtasks. Only subtasks that do not belong to that List will be added to it.

What counts as a use of Subtasks in Multiple Lists?

A use is counted each time you add or remove a subtask from an additional List.

How do I know if it's a subtask from another List?

We'll always show the subtask icon next to the task name. Also, when you open that subtask, you'll see the parent task and home List shown in the task view breadcrumbs at the top.


Breadcrumbs in task view:



Can I filter a view to show or hide Subtasks in Multiple Lists?

Yes you can! Simply click the toggle to hide or show Subtasks in Multiple Lists. You can show/hide them separately to Tasks in Multiple Lists.


Do I need to show subtasks in order to see Subtasks in Multiple Lists? Will hiding subtasks also hide Subtasks in Multiple Lists?

No and no. Subtasks will show up in the secondary List like a top-level parent task.

Can I show or hide Nested Subtasks of a Subtask in Multiple Lists?

You can collapse or expand Nested Subtasks using the Show Subtasks options available in views.

Nested Subtasks will not be shown in a secondary List when a view is set to show subtasks As separate tasks.


What happens if a subtask is showing up twice in a view?

This might happen you've added both a parent task and subtask to the same secondary List, AND if a view on the secondary List has subtasks expanded or showing subtasks as separate tasks. In that case, we'll show both instances of the subtask, and any changes you make to one will be reflected on the other.

When I add a subtask to another List can I use the statuses from that List?

Nope! You can't use the statuses of the secondary List. You could use Relationships to link tasks and reflect their home List status instead.

Can I move a subtask to live in a new List?

A subtask's home List is always the same as its parent task's home List. So to move a subtask, you also have to move the parent task.

Custom Fields

When I add a subtask to another List, will the Custom Fields from the secondary List appear on that subtask?

Yes they will!

And will they be added to ALL subtasks under the parent task?

No, Custom Fields from the secondary List will be added to the subtask that's been added to the secondary List. They will also be added to any Nested Subtasks.


Can I filter Dashboard cards to include or hide Subtasks in Multiple Lists?

Yes! On cards where you can filter to show or hide Tasks in Multiple Lists, you'll also have the option to include or exclude Subtasks in Multiple Lists.

Can I show or hide nested subtasks of a Subtask in Multiple Lists on my Dashboard card?

Not at this time.


How do permissions work with Subtasks in Multiple Lists?

Today, subtasks just use the permissions of their parent task. Anyone who has access to a subtask that's shared to another List will also have access to its parent task.

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