Sprint Velocity cards (Legacy)

Use Legacy Sprint Velocity cards to visualize the amount of work done in two or more Sprints.

Our new Sprint Velocity cards offer improved accuracy and performance enhancements!

Custom Sprint Durations cannot be used with legacy Sprint Dashboard cards. If you need to use Custom Sprint Durations with Sprint reporting cards, switch to our new Sprint Velocity, Burnup, and Burndown cards.

What you'll need

  • The Sprints and Sprints Points ClickApps must be enabled in your Workspace by an owner or admin
  • Sprint cards are available on the Business Plan and above.

Sprint Velocity cards

Velocity cards are time based

Tasks are broken down into weekly intervals and average velocity is displayed on the graph. 
Screenshot showing a legacy Sprint Velocity Card Legacy.png

You can choose from the following settings:

  • Source: Select Sprints or Lists. Then choose one or more Sprints or Lists. 
    Each Sprint or List will be represented with a different color on the chart.
  • Time range: Select a time range. This is your x-axis.
  • Amount of work: Select Tasks, Time Estimate, Average age of tasks, or Sprint points. This is your y-axis. 
    Velocity average is average based on the measurement you choose to represent the amount of work. Velocity average displays in the upper-right corner of a Velocity card.
  • Status group counted as completion: Choose whether you want the Closed or Done status to represent completion. 
  • Include subtasks: Choose to include subtasks in the data.
  • Include archived: Choose to include archived tasks in the data.
  • Include Tasks in Multiple Lists: Choose to include Tasks in Multiple Lists in the data.
  • Include Subtasks in Multiple Lists: Choose to include Subtasks in Multiple Lists in the data.
  • Filter: Add additional filters to further adjust the scope of your card.

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