Use filters to search tasks

When the sheer volume of tasks gets out of hand, drill down to see the information you need. Use filters to search tasks by due date, tag, assignee, and more!

Do a quick search of your own tasks to find the one you need. For project managers, our advanced filter options to combine or exclude search terms provide a high-level overview.

What you'll need

Search tasks

Quickly search the List, Folder, or Space that you're viewing by entering a search term. To return fewer results, filter to search by task name, or within a task description or Custom Field.

  1. From the search bar in the Views Bar, click the dropdown.

  2. From the Search In modal, deselect Task name, Task Description, or Custom Fields. You can filter in one, two, or all of these locations.

  3. Enter a search term.

You can also search subtasks.

  1. From the Views Bar, click the Subtasks dropdown next to the Group by button.

  2. Select As separate tasks from the Show Subtasks menu.

Use filters

Apply filters in any task view to cut out the clutter and only see the tasks you need.

Filters are customizable! You can create complex filters to filter by more than one field or operator at a time.

  1. From the Space, Folder, or List, click the Filter button in the upper-right.

  2. From the Select filter dropdown, select your search criteria.

  3. From the Is dropdown, choose Is, Is not, Is set, or Is not set.

    • Note: Certain Select filters only allow Is or Is not.

  4. From the Select option dropdown, choose a variable. For example, where Due date Is set returns all tasks with due dates. Where Due date Is not This week returns all tasks with due dates that are before or after the current week.

If you need to get more specific, you can add more filters:

  1. From below the Select filter dropdown, click + Add filter. This gives you the option to add another set of criteria. For example, you can return all tasks with set due dates that are assigned to a specific person.

  2. From the left side of the Filters modal, click the And dropdown. You can choose to filter using the operators and/or.

  • You can add more filters if necessary.

  • If you need to start over, click the x to the right of the Select option dropdown.

  • If you want to save this filtered view, click Save in the modal that pops up in the lower-right corner. You can also choose Autosave view so that any future changes you make to that view are saved automatically.

If you need to use different operators to filter your tasks, you can use group filters to combine and and or filters.


Add a filter group

Filter groups are perfect for those who need to filter tasks using very specific criteria and more than one operator. Groups are additional sets of filters. Using and allows you to include tasks that meet all filter criteria. Using or allows you to include tasks that meet any filter criteria.

You can use either and or or operators between all of your filter groups.

In each filter group, you can use either and or or operators between each criteria.

You can use more than one filter group to combine and and or operators when filtering tasks.

To add a group filter to a Task view:

  • Underneath the Select filter dropdown, hover next to + Add filter and click Add group.

  • And is the default for groups. If you need to select or, from the left side of the Filters modal, click the And dropdown.

For example, say you need to know if you're accurately estimating your team's Sprint points:

  • To only see your team's tasks, you filter by the blue squad tag.

  • You want to see if the last sprint was estimated correctly, so you filter by last sprint's due date.

  • You filter for tasks where the time tracked is greater than one hour and Sprint points are equal to 1. This will catch tasks estimated at less than one-hour's effort that took longer.

  • You need to filter for tasks created before April 18 or created by your new product manager. You add another group using or and filter by Date created or Created by.

Available filters

The same filter options are available for each filter or filter group you add. The options vary by plan.

The following filters are available on every plan and don't require a ClickApp.

  • Assignees: Show tasks assigned to a specific person or Team in your Workspace. You can also create a Me Mode view to filter for tasks assigned to the person currently signed in.

  • Assigned comments: Show tasks with or without assigned comments.

  • Archived: Choose to show archived tasks.

  • Created by: Show tasks created by a specific person.

  • Custom fields: Filter by a unique task field created for your Workspace.

  • Dependencies: Filter the tasks that are waiting on or blocking other tasks. Also, use to filter tasks that do or don’t have dependencies.

  • Location/List: Select only the Spaces, Folders, or Lists you want to see.

  • Priority: Filter out tasks that don't require immediate attention.

  • Recurring: Show recurring tasks or those that aren't recurring.

  • Status: Show tasks in a particular stage of completion.

  • Status is closed: Only show tasks in a closed status

  • Tags: Set your filter to match selected tags or filter for those that aren't tagged.

  • Time tracked: See which tasks do/don’t contain time logs. You can also specify a greater than/ less than/ equal-to value.

  • Time Estimates: Show tasks that are estimated. You can also set a greater than/ less than/ equal-to value.

  • Watcher: Filter by the people watching the task.

Certain filters require ClickApps to be enabled. Certain plans have usage limits for these ClickApps.

  • Milestones: Show all Milestones in every location or from specific locations.

  • Sprint Points: Display tasks with or without Sprint Points, or customize the filter to show quick wins or Epic tasks that need to be broken down.

Date filters

Date filters all use the same settings. Some provide a fixed choice, like Today or This week. Other allow you to choose a date range, like Before date or Date range.

  1. From the Filters modal, choose one of the following date filters from the Select filter dropdown:

    • Date closed: Filter based on when status was set to closed.

    • Date created: Show tasks created on a certain date or within a certain timeframe.

    • Date done: Filter based on when status was set to done.

    • Date updated: Show tasks updated on a certain date or within a certain timeframe.

    • Due date: Show tasks due on a certain date or within a certain timeframe. Save as a view to dynamically filter upcoming tasks without manually updating your view.

    • Start date: Show tasks started on a certain date or within a certain timeframe.

  2. Click the Select date button.

  3. Navigate the calendar using the options on the left side of the modal.

  4. Choose a date from the calendar.

  5. Click Close.



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