Use Automation Conditions

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Conditions give you more control of your Automations. For example, you could set a Trigger for tasks with a particular status and then add a Condition to complete the Automation only for particular Assignees.

Learn which Conditions are available to fine-tune your Automations!

What you'll need

  • The Workspace admin or owner must enable the Automation ClickApp

  • Guests can't set up Automations

  • All ClickUp Plans include an unlimited number of Automations

  • The number of automated Actions that can be completed per month depends on your Plan:

    • Usage alert emails are sent to owners and admins of Workspaces when an Automations usage is at 90% and again when usage is over 100%

    • Free Forever: 100 Actions / month

    • Unlimited: 1,000 Actions / month

    • Business: 10,000 Actions / month

    • Business Plus: 25,000 Actions / month

    • Enterprise: 250,000 Actions / month

    • Usage limits reset on the first of every month (PST)

  • Free Forever and Unlimited Plans can set up Triggers and Actions

  • Business Plans and above can also set up Conditions and add multiple Actions

  • Each Automation can have up to 11 Conditions.

Understand Conditions

In the Automation schema, the Condition is criteria that must be true to run an Automation.

Conditions have to be set before the Trigger for an Action to happen.

Screenshot of someone customizing an Automation Condition.

Available Conditions

The following conditions can be applied to Automations.

Condition Description
Assignee Filter for specific users, all, or none
Current Date Is Filter Actions that are triggered before or after a fixed or dynamic date.
Custom Field

Filter for a completely unique task field like a value or a budget.

  • is equal to: Only tasks with identical Custom Field values.
  • is not equal to: Tasks that have a different Custom Field value. 
  • is set: Tasks where the Custom Field is set. 
  • is not set: Tasks where the Custom Field is not set. 
Due Date Select a specific date or a before/after date
Priority Sift out tasks that don't have a certain priority
Start Date Check for tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date
Status Choose tasks in a certain stage of your workflow
Tag Set your Condition to match any or all selected tags. You can also filter for all tasks that do not contain tags
Time Estimate Filter out tasks that do/don’t contain estimates. You can also specify a greater than/less than/equal to value for the Condition
Filter for specific users, all, or none


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