Create reminders on mobile

With the ClickUp mobile app, you can create and edit reminders from anywhere

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Create a reminder

Create reminders from anywhere using the mobile app!

To create a reminder in the mobile app:

  1. In the lower-right corner, tap More.
  2. Tap Reminder.
  3. Name your reminder.

    Add a relevant URL to the reminder name to quickly navigate to it from Home!

  4. Customize your reminder:
    • Attachments: Tap the paperclip icon to add related files to your reminder.

      There is a 1 GB file size limit for attachments.

    • Due date: Tap the calendar icon to set a due date for the reminder. It is set to today by default.

      If you have a reminder that needs to repeat, you can set it to recur by tapping Add recurring after selecting a due date.

  5. Tap Create.

You can also create reminders using Siri.

Convert, snooze, or delete a reminder

Edit reminders from Home!

To convert, snooze, or delete a reminder:

  1. Open Home.
  2. Ensure the Reminders card is enabled.
  3. Under the Reminders card, swipe left on the reminder.
  4. Choose to:
    • Add to List: Convert the reminder to a task and add it to a specific List.
    • Snooze: Change the due date and time of the reminder.
    • Delete: Delete the reminder.

Screenshot of the Add to list, Snooze, and Delete options on a reminder in the reminders card on mobile.png

Edit a reminder

Tap a reminder to edit it:

Option Description
Add to List Tap the Add to List icon in the upper-right corner to convert the reminder to a task and add it to a List.
Edit options menu Tap the ellipsis ... icon in the upper-right to snooze or delete the reminder.
Due date Tap the calendar icon to choose a due date.
Reminder notifications

Tap the bell icon to choose when you want to be notified of the reminder:

On due date

10 mins before

1 hour before

Add recurring Tap Add recurring to set a recurring due date cadence.
Attachments Tap the paperclip icon to add files that are related to your reminder.

Complete a reminder 

Quickly complete reminders from Home.

To complete a reminder:

  1. Open Home.
  2. Ensure the Reminders card is enabled.
  3. Swipe right on the reminder to complete it.

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