How to use ClickUp for Personal Productivity

ClickUp isn't just for large teams. Whether you're a freelancer or just want to meet personal goals, there are plenty of tools within the platform to make your project management routine more efficient.

With this article, learn how to set up your Workspace for personal productivity.

Organize your hierarchy

ClickUp's Hierarchy gives you the ability to organize your Workspace for personal productivity.


We recommend creating a single Space to manage your personal productivity. You can learn how to create Spaces or use our Personal Productivity Space template to get started quickly.


Within your personal productivity Space, we recommend creating the following Folders:

  • Personal Life Management: Use this Folder to manage your personal tasks.
  • Projects: Use this Folder to keep track of the projects you'd like to complete.
  • Monthly Goals (Sprint Folder): Use this Sprint Folder to track your monthly personal growth goals.


The Lists contained within your personal productivity are completely up to you. Some examples include:

  • Growth Goals: Track your personal growth goals.
  • Groceries List: Manage the groceries you'll need each week.
  • Contacts: A place to store the information of important contacts.
  • Meal Prep Planning: Plan and manage your meals.


Views provide a unique perspective on your work. For personal productivity, we recommend the following views to make your workflow more efficient:

List view

List view is a required task view provided for every Space, Folder, and List in ClickUp. It’s the most flexible view and allows you to sort, group, and filter your work for better organization.

Image of List view

Calendar view

Calendar view allows you to view your tasks in a traditional calendar and even sync your tasks to your Google Calendar so that you never miss anything.

Image of Calendar view

Use Checklists

Checklists give you an easy way to organize processes using simple to-do lists from directly within tasks. We recommend using Checklists for personal productivity to hold yourself accountable.

Animation showing the use of Checklists

Once you've made a checklist you like, create a template with it for later use.

Use Notepad

Notepad makes it easy to keep track of ideas and convert them to tasks later. You can quickly come back and view or add to these anytime.

Additional resources

Take a look at these ClickUp University Courses to learn more about using your Workspace for personal productivity:

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