How to use ClickUp for Students

Why use ClickUp?

A busy school schedule can feel overwhelming but it's a whole lot easier when you plan well, track your progress, and have all the information you need to complete assignments all in one place!

ClickUp helps you coordinate your classes, studying, and schoolwork, right alongside projects and interests from other areas of your life, without missing a beat!

Best of all, ClickUp makes it easy to coordinate group projects because you can invite your classmates right to the tasks that they need to work on.

Getting started

If you've never tried project management software before, check out this short video. It's a brief overview of core features and highlights what is available with ClickUp's Free Forever Plan.

If you are new to ClickUp but familiar with project management, our 25-minute on-demand demos are a great resource.

Keep reading to find out how other students set up their ClickUp Workspace to manage their classes. Once you start to get comfortable, you may arrange things differently, and that is a-okay. ClickUp is customizable and has lots of options so it can support your workflows!

Organizing your Schoolwork in ClickUp

Once you've created your ClickUp Workspace, you'll need to get it set up so you can add whatever you'd like to manage in the platform!

Create a Space

This is where you will manage your classwork. Name it whatever feels right. We recommend naming it after your school.

If you attend multiple schools or are participating in different programs, you may choose to create a different Space for each of those.

When you create a Space, you'll be led through a series of customization options. Here are some features that you will want to consider during setup!

1. Statuses are an excellent way to track progress of assignments! It is good to consider your Space level Statuses, because by default they will be used for all Folders and Lists in the Space. Think of them as the steps that each task moves through on its way to completion.

Common statuses for class assignments and solo projects:

Use Assigned as a not started [ClickApp] status for assignments that you have been given, but are not yet working on!

Use Turned In as a done status, but they won't be completely finished until your grade has been returned!

example of custom statuses with the Done status option.

For collaborative projects or a research paper:

example of statuses for collaborative projects or a research paper.

2. ClickApps are features that can be turned on or off to simplify things in your Workspace. Here is info on some of the ClickApps students use most! You can turn these on while setting up your Space, or you can turn ClickApps on or off at any time.

Navigating to the ClickApp settings by clicking on your Workspace avatar and selecting ClickApps.

Priorities [ClickApp]

Priorities are an easy way to show which assignments need your attention! While all of your projects and studies are important, putting in time on a project worth half of your grade should definitely be a higher priority than reviewing a chapter of your textbook for a 5 point pop quiz! Mark your big projects as urgent, and then mark smaller projects as normal priority.

Tags [ClickApp]

Tags are great for tracking your assignment types! You can then filter, sort, or group your tasks by type, to get a different perspective on your workload.

Multiple Assignees [ClickApp]

Planning to work with others in the platform? Turn on this ClickApp so that tasks can be assigned to multiple users for collaboration! You'll each be able to turn on Me Mode to only see items assigned to yourself!

Note: The options listed above can be modified at any time in the Space settings.

3. Task views allow you to see and interact with your tasks any way you prefer! You can see scheduled tasks on a calendar, view tasks as cards on a Kanban board, or see things in a familiar List format!

When creating your Space, you are able to include your favorite type of task views, and those will be automatically available on every level of your hierarchy! List view is required, but the rest are up to you.

And if you aren't sure which view you like, it's easy to create multiple views and delete the ones you don't use!

Folders and Lists

Depending on how complex your course assignments are, you can take two approaches:

  • Create a List for each class, and use tasks to keep track of assignments!

  • For classes that have complex, semester-long projects like research papers, you can create a Folder for the class, and use Lists to organize your classwork alongside the project work.

If you're not sure how to start, why not check out our pre-made Student templates to see how others do it?

Using a pre-made student template.


Turn actionable items into tasks! These could be assignments, when your class meets, or anything you need to track!

Tasks are at the bottom of the hierarchy, yet they are the most important part of ClickUp. Tasks inherit traits from Spaces, and are organized within a specific List. Tasks also can contain subtasks, assigned comments, and checklists.

Create a task in your Workspace by clicking the t hotkey, or click the plus sign in the bottom right corner!

More Organization Tips

Now that you've set up the basics of your Workspace, let's go through some information that will help you take your organization and productivity to the next level!

Custom Fields

Want to add in extra details about your tasks? You can use Custom Fields. Here are just a few ideas on how you can use Custom Fields in your Workspace!

  • Check box to indicate that you have turned in an assignment

  • Numerical Custom Field to track your grades

  • URLs for additional resources you may want to reference

  • Phone number for classmates part of your group project

  • and many more! Learn more about the different types of Custom Fields!

Note: Custom Fields are limited to 100 uses in the Free Forever Plan. Learn more about our plans here!

Save time with recurring tasks

Do you have a reading quiz every Monday?

Use recurring task settings to conveniently set up a task to complete your reading every week before that class!

Creating a recurring task through the recurring task settings.

You'll only need to set up the recurring task once, and then you're good to go for the entire term! And, you can choose when to turn off the recurrence so that you won't get notifications over break.

Stay on top of things with Home

Home is designed so you never forget again.

When you have lots of deadlines, it's too easy to forget what to get done. That's where Home comes in. Home is a mixture of both tasks and reminders that you can easily add from your phone or computer.

Any tasks or reminders assigned to you with a due date will appear in Home, so you can easily see what's coming up on your schedule!

Create a task by using the shortcuts in the bottom right corner of your Workspace.

creating a task by using the shortcut in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Pro-tip: Quickly create a reminder from anywhere in your Workspace with the r hotkey.

Use Docs to take (and share) notes

ClickUp Docs are the perfect place to keep all of your notes exactly where you need them.

Create a Doc view in the List or Folder where you keep all the important information about your class. You can also attach a Doc to a specific task, so if you have a task to write an essay, you can have a Doc with your rough draft right there!

Use slash commands to format the Doc, insert images, and even create a table of contents so you can easily find the exact notes that you are looking for.

When you're finished, you can export a PDF, HTML, or even a markdown version of your Doc!

Best of all, you can share Docs with a public link, so you can be a hero and share your notes with a classmate in need...if you want!

Take ClickUp anywhere with mobile apps

Of course, when you're on the go, you'll need software the can keep up with you wherever you are.

Download our apps to any of your devices, so you can access your tasks from anywhere!

Collaboration Features

Want to work with others? That's what ClickUp was made for!

Invite classmates to your Workspace

ClickUp was created to take your collaboration efforts to a whole new level!

When you've been assigned a group project, you can invite as many classmates as you'd like to your ClickUp Workspace! There, you can assign tasks, and collaborate all in the same place.

For increased privacy, invite your fellow classmates to your Workspace as guests so they only have access to the Folders, Lists, or specific tasks that you choose.

Here are a few more features that are helpful for keeping communication on point!

  • Mentions so that others are notified of tasks that they need to accomplish

  • Assigned comments help ensure that no one misses their part of the assignment

  • Me Mode focus on your assigned items

  • Profiles show trending tasks that classmates are working on

  • Docs to keep track of your project drafts

  • Mind Maps to brainstorm (available on paid plans)


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