Minimize tasks to the Tray

Minimize tasks to the Tray so you can quickly return to them at any time. You can also minimize Docs to the Tray.

Docked tasks will carry over if you open ClickUp in a new browser tab. If you minimize or close a task while writing a comment, the comment will be saved as a draft.

What you'll need

Minimize tasks to the Tray

There are multiple ways to minimize tasks to the Tray.

Task view

In the upper-right corner of a task, click the minimize icon.

Screenshot of the minimize icon.


Hover over a notification and click the minimize icon.

Minimizing tasks to the Tray is only available in ClickUp 2.0.

After you create a new task

After you create a new task, click Tray in the popup that appears in the lower-left corner.

Screenshot highlighting the Tray button.

Command Center

Hover over any task in Command Center and click or press Tab. Click Send to Tray.

Gif of someone minimizing a task to the Tray using the Command Center.

Remove tasks from the Tray

There are two ways to remove tasks from the Tray:

  • Hover over any task in your Tray and click the X icon to remove it.
  • When you open a task that is in your Tray, you'll see a checkmark on the minimize icon in the upper-right corner of the task. Hover over the minimize icon to reveal an X. Click the X to remove the task from your Tray.

Reorder tasks in the Tray

Hover over any task in your Tray to reveal a drag handle. Click and drag the task to change its order in the Tray.

Screenshot highlighting the drag handle when hovering over tasks in the Tray.


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