How to create Epics in ClickUp

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"Epics" are utilized to break down larger projects into smaller, more manageable pieces. They can also be used to link related tasks (or "stories") together.

Luckily for Jira users who switch to ClickUp, our Goals feature offers a natural solution to organize your workflow into Epics.  Goals allow you to set high-level objectives that can be broken down into measurable Targets (key results). 

How to set up "Epics" in ClickUp

  1. Set your Goal's title as your overall objective

  2. Use Targets to break down the key results you'll accomplish to reach your objective

You can choose from four different Target types:

  • Number: Track increases or decreases between any range of numbers. 

  • True/False: True or false Targets are simply done or not done.

  • Currency: Track your money with this Target type.

  • Tasks: Automatically tracks completion of tasks and/or Lists. Use this if your Target is to complete a group tasks. 

Example 1 - Improve Mobile UI Epic

Gif showing someone update a Goal in ClickUp.

In this example, we named our Goal/Epic "Improve Mobile UI" and broke it down into smaller Targets of "Add mobile shopping cart, Optimize speed, and Consistent font." The Target types used in this example are Done/Not Done, and linking Lists and tasks.

  •  Click on the Target type Done/Not Done to mark it as finished

  •  Targets that have tasks or Lists linked to them will automatically update the Goal's progress as the individual task statuses are changed to Done statuses by teammates 

As each Target is completed, we'll see the Goal completion percentage update in real time.  Now, your team can easily stay updated on the health of the Epic by tracking the completion of accompanying Targets.

Example 2 - Fly to the Moon Epic

Screenshot of a Goal and its Targets.

In this example, we named our Goal/Epic 'Go to the Moon' and we gave it 4 key results that will guide us through the goal.

These key results vary and show the power we have over our goal targets.

  • 'Get Funding' has a goal of $100,000,000, and allows us to add in funds as they come in without completing that target until we meet the full quota

  • 'Hire Engineers' is the same way, having a goal of 25 that can be met at any time and contributed to over the course of the project

  • 'Build Ship' and 'Fly to the Moon' are set as True/False so they will either be completed or not completed at any given time.

You may also use Tasks for these key results which will automatically update your Epic with progress made!

Screenshot showing a Target tracked by task completion.

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