Troubleshooting Bitbucket

Not seeing repositories that should be available? 

Not sure the difference between personal and team repositories in ClickUp?  This article will help you out!

My repositories vs repositories added to ClickUp

My repositories from Bitbucket

These are repositories that you personally have access to in Bitbucket. The first step in setting up our Bitbucket integration is authorizing ClickUp's access to these repos so that you can bring them into your ClickUp team's repos.

Bitbucket repositories added to ClickUp

This is a list of all repos your team has access to in ClickUp. Repos here indicate that members of your team have authorized them to be accessed by your entire ClickUp team. 

Note: In order to use Bitbucket repos in ClickUp, they must be added to your ClickUp Team Repos.


Repos have been added. What next? 

It's time to connect those repos that your team's been granted access to with the Spaces that need them. 

According to the image above, the Development Space now has access to the my_awesome_app repo which was previously authorized by a member on the team.
My Bitbucket activity isn't showing up on my ClickUp tasks

Let's double-check that you're referencing the task ID correctly.

You can use any of these three options to reference your ClickUp tasks on commits, branch names, and pull request titles:




For example:




Having trouble?

Sometimes, you might accidentally connect with the wrong Bitbucket account - or maybe there's been an issue with the connection. In this case, you can disconnect and reconnect your repos or your entire account.

This can be done at the bottom of the integrations page using these options:

Need to troubleshoot with a Bitbucket representative? You can request Bitbucket's customer support here.

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