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Know exactly how long a task has been in any status and quickly find any tasks that might've fallen through the cracks using the Time in Status ClickApp!

You can see Time in Status data across your Workspace in List view, individual tasks, and widgets on your Dashboards!

We've also made Time in Status available with our API. Additionally, you can include Time in Status information when exporting a List or Table view.

What you'll need

  • The Time in Status ClickApp is available on the Business Plan and above.

  • Everyone, including guests, can see Time in Status data in List view.

  • Guests with Edit or Full permissions can see Time in Status data inside task modals.

  • Guests with the proper permissions can see Time in Status Dashboard widgets.

Enabling Time in Status

To enable the Time in Status ClickApp:

  1. Click your profile avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. Select ClickApps.

  3. Locate Time in Status and toggle it on.

Time in Status in List view

In List view, you can see Time in Status data by clicking the square status indicators to the left of your task names.

You can also add a Time in Status field to any Space, Folder, or List by clicking the + icon to the far right of your List view columns and selecting Time in Status.
Screenshot of the Total Time in Status field in List view.

This field displays the amount of time the task has spent in its current status.

If your workflow allows tasks to move back and forth between statuses, this field reflects the time in status since the last status update.

For a full breakdown of time in status history including the total time spent in each status, click the Time in Status field.

You can change the format displayed for a Time in Status field between Hours, Days, or Date last updated:

  1. Click the column header for Time in Status.

  2. Select a display format at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

  3. This will now reflect in the field and when clicking in to see the summary of all statuses.

Time in Status in tasks

Open a task and click its status in the upper-left corner to see Time in Status data displayed. This data appears to the right of each status.

Customize the way Time in Status data is displayed by clicking the ellipsis ... in the upper-right corner of the task status dropdown menu.

You have four formatting options:

  • Days: Display Time in Status data in days.

  • Hours: Display Time in Status data in hours.

  • Date updated: Display the date that the task entered each status.

  • None: Do not display Time in Status data in this dropdown menu.

Tip: Formatting options are per user and Workspace-wide. Each user will determine how they see Time in Status data, and preferences will carry over from task to task throughout the different layers of the Hierarchy.

Create Time in Status Dashboard widgets

  1. Ensure the Time in Status ClickApp is enabled.

  2. Using the left sidebar, open a Dashboard.

  3. Click + Add widget in the upper-right corner.

  4. Search for Time in Status.

  5. Customize your widget and determine which Spaces, Folders, or Lists you'd like to view Time in Status data for.

  6. Click Add widget in the lower-right.

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