Sprints overview

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Easily create and manage Sprints with the Sprints ClickApp!

The Sprints ClickApp allows you to create specialized Folders and Lists in any Space.

Sprints include features and settings to help you organize and complete your work.

Sprints use tasks as items of work, so you still have complete flexibility and access to all of the powerful features of ClickUp.

Add our advanced Business Plan features including Sprint Points, Sprint Automations, and Sprint widgets to take your Sprints to the next level!


What you'll need

Enable the Sprints ClickApp

You can enable the Sprints ClickApp at the Workspace level or for individual Spaces.

You must be a Workspace owner or admin to manage ClickApps.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. Select ClickApps.

  3. Browse or search for the Sprints ClickApp.

  4. Click on the Sprints ClickApp to enable it on all Spaces.

  5. Uncheck any Spaces which do not use Sprints.

Screenshot of the Workspace ClickApps page highlighting Sprints settings.

You can also enable the Sprints ClickApp for an individual Space.

  1. Click the Space Settings ellipsis in the Sidebar.

  2. Select More then ClickApps.

  3. Click Sprints to select the ClickApp.

  4. Click Save to enable Sprints for this Space.

Screenshot of the Space settings menu highlighting the ClickApps option.

Ensure your Spaces have the appropriate Statuses for your tasks!


Edit default Sprint settings

Customize your default Sprint settings for your Workspace. Using default Sprint settings can help you ensure all your teams use the same Sprint cadence.


If a particular team uses a slightly different Sprint cadence than the rest of your organization, you can customize default Sprint settings for each Sprint Folder.


Our Custom Sprint Durations ClickApp is out now! This feature is currently in BETA, and only available if you opt in on the ClickApps page. Once you opt into the Custom Sprint Duration ClickApp, you're not able to opt back out.


From the Space level ClickApps page, click the Default Settings link to go directly to the Default Sprint settings page located in Workspace settings.


To set your Workspace default settings:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner

  2. Select ClickApps

  3. Browse or search for the Sprints ClickApp

  4. Click Edit Settings

  5. Configure your default Sprint settings

Options include:

  • Sprint name: Customize the name of each Sprint List. Variables include:

    • {INDEX} incremental number of each Sprint beginning with 1, or a specific number when creating your first sprint in a Sprint Folder.

    • {START_DATE} the Start Date of each Sprint

    • {END_DATE} the End Date of each Sprint

  • Sprint Duration: Choose how many weeks each Sprint will last.
  • Date format: Select a date format to use for your Sprints. Options include:

    • M/D, D/M, M/D/Y, D/M/Y, or YYYY-MM-DD

  • Sprint Start Day: Pick which day of the week your Sprints start

  • Sprint estimations: Use Sprint Points, Time Estimates, or a Custom Field to describe the total level of effort for each Sprint.

Screenshot of the default sprint settings modal.

Next steps

Now that the Sprints ClickApp is enabled, you can start using Sprints to manage your projects.

  1. Create your first Sprint and customize Sprint settings per Folder

  2. Measure your work using Custom Fields

  3. Add more Sprints

  4. Manage Sprint spillover tasks

  5. Set up meaningful views

  6. Take your Sprints to the next level with these Business Plan features:

    1. Sprint Points

    2. Sprint Automations

    3. Sprint Dashboard widgets

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