Manage Sprint spillover tasks

Spillover tasks are tasks that didn't get completed and need to be moved to the next Sprint. You can quickly move these tasks to the next Sprint.

What you'll need

  • Sprints are available on every ClickUp Plan.
  • Sprint Automations and Sprint Dashboard cards are available on the Business Plan and above.
  • 100 uses of Sprint Points are available on our Free Forever and Unlimited Plans.
  • Unlimited Sprint Points are available on our Business Plan and above.
  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Sprints ClickApp.
  • Guests can work on tasks in sprints, just like regular tasks.
  • Guests cannot create sprints. 

See spillover tasks

24 hours before your Sprint ends, a badge displays on the Sprint in the Sidebar. And a banner displays in the open Sprint indicating which tasks are not complete.

Move spillover tasks

To move spillover tasks: 

  1. Open the Sprint.
  2. Below the Views Bar, click unfinished task.
    • If you don't want to move all tasks, click the checkbox to deselect a task.
  3. Click Move tasks to the next Sprint.

Screenshot highlighting the unfinished task link, the checkbox, and the Move tasks to the next Sprint button.

Tasks in a done status will not move to the next Sprint.

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