Enable the Sprints ClickApp

The Sprints ClickApp has several settings that impact how your sprints will be managed. 

What you'll need

  • Sprints are available on every ClickUp Plan.
  • Sprint Automations and Sprint Dashboard cards are available on the Business Plan and above.
  • 100 uses of Sprint Points are available on our Free Forever and Unlimited Plans.
  • Unlimited Sprint Points are available on our Business Plan and above.
  • A Workspace owner or admin will need to enable the Sprints ClickApp.
  • Guests can work on tasks in sprints, just like regular tasks.
  • Guests cannot create sprints. 

Enable the Sprints ClickApp

By default, sprints are enabled in all Spaces. You can also configure settings for individual Spaces or individual Folders. 

To enable and configure the Sprints ClickApp settings for your Workspace:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Select Apps, then ClickApps.
  3. Browse or search for the Sprints ClickApp.
  4. Click the toggle to enable sprints in all Spaces. The Spaces modal will display. By default, sprints are enabled in all Spaces. You can uncheck any Spaces that won't use sprints. 
    • You can enable Custom Sprint Duration
      Custom Sprint Duration is only available if you opt in. Once you opt in, you can't opt out. It can only be enabled from your Workspace settings, not the Sidebar.
    • You can edit the default sprint settings.
      These settings apply to all new Sprints created in your Workspace. We recommend only editing the default settings here once. Changes will not apply to previous Sprints. 

      Make sure you have all the info. Take a look at our article Lock your Sprint forecast to understand the Lock forecast options available in the default Sprint Folder settings. 

      For the best sprint experience, enable Tasks in multiple Lists. Consider enabling Subtasks in multiple Lists

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