Sprint Automations

Sprint Automations are accessible to Workspaces on our Business Plan and above when the Sprints ClickApp is enabled.

Sprint Automations do not count towards your monthly Automation usage limit.

Types of Sprint Automations

Business Plan and above users can enable a few Automations to reduce the amount of admin required to manage Sprints. Sprint Automations are only available to Sprints located within a Folder.

  • Create new sprint(s): Enter in the number of Sprint Lists you'd like to have available after the current Sprint, and the system will maintain that buffer for you to plan ahead. Every time a Sprint is completed, another will be created. It will take into account any future Sprints you have already created as well.

  • Mark sprints as Done: The platform will mark Sprints as Done at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the Sprint's end date. When this is turned on, we highly recommend you turn on the Automation to move your unfinished tasks to the next Sprint.

    Sprint Automations will set a Sprint to In Progress automatically at 12:00 am Pacific Time on the start date.

  • Move unfinished (spillover) tasks to the next sprint: The platform will automatically move any unfinished tasks to the next Sprint so the task no longer appears in the current Sprint. This happens after the current Sprint is marked as done and before the next Sprint starts. 

    • Tasks in a Done status do not move over to the next Sprint when this setting is enabled.

Tasks in multiple Lists

If you have tasks in multiple Lists added to your Sprint, the platform will automatically add any unfinished tasks with a separate home List to the next Sprint before it starts. The tasks will remain in their home List. They will also be removed from the completed Sprint.

Turning on Sprint Automations

  1. Click the ellipsis ... next to a Sprint Folder.

  2. Select Folder settings, then Sprint settings.

  3. Click the Automations tab.
  4. Click the toggles to enable the Sprint Automations:

    • When Sprint ends then Create new Sprint.
      Once enabled, you can customize the number of new sprints to create each time a sprint ends.
    • When Sprint ends then Mark Sprint as done.
    • When Sprint ends then Move tasks to next Sprint.
  5. Click Save settings.
  6. The selected Automations will apply to current and future Sprints.

Screenshot of the Sprint Automations tab.


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