Billing for guest seats

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Need to collaborate with a person who's not in your Workspace? Invite them as a guest!

On Free Forever Plans, all members and guests are free and can only have full permissions.

On paid plans, all view-only guests are free. The number of permission-controlled guest seats varies by ClickUp Plan. Additional permission-controlled guests and all members are paid. 

What you'll need

  • You must be an owner or admin to add guests and manage billing.

  • Members can invite guests to join a Workspace. 

Guest types

Our permission-controlled guest option for paid plans offers more flexibility. You can limit what these guests can access and do. 

  • View-only guest seats (also called free guests): 

    • You can have an unlimited number.

    • View-only access.
    • Can't be added to Teams.
  • Permission-controlled guests seats (also called paid guests):

    • The number you can invite for free varies by plan.
    • If you don't have any permission-controlled guest seats available, inviting one costs the same as a member seat does for your plan.
    • You can set individual permissions for these guests.
    • Can be added to Teams. Guests on Teams must be permission-controlled. Unless you have permission-controlled guest seats, this costs the same amount as a member seat.

Free Forever Plan guests

The following limits apply to all Free Forever guests:

  • You can't customize guests' create and edit permissions.

  • You can invite them to Folders, Lists, and tasks.

  • They can't create Spaces, Folders, or Lists.

  • You can't set individual permissions for Time Tracking, Time Estimates, Tags, or view creation.

  • You can't hide Custom Fields from guests.

You can never invite guests to Spaces on any plan.

Paid plan, view-only guests

You can invite an unlimited number of view-only guests on paid plans. The following are the limits of view-only permissions:

  • Can't add and reply to comments.

  • Can't create, edit, share, or delete items

  • Can't be part of a Team.

Paid plan, permission-controlled guests

Each paid plan includes a number of permission-controlled guest seats. For each member you invite, more guest seats are added.


To check the number of available member and guest seats:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Select People to open the Manage people page. 
  3. In the upper-right, there's a Full members tab and a Guests tab.
  4. The numbers in parentheses show:
    • How many members you have.
    • How many guests you have/how many you have left.


If you don't have any permission-controlled guest seats available, a new member seat is automatically added to the number of paid guest seats available when:

  • You invite a permissions-controlled guest.

  • You add a view-only or permission-controlled guest to a Team.

A prorated charge will be processed when you run out of permission-controlled guest seats. The prorated charge is based on the remaining time until your next renewal.


You can reduce the number of permission-controlled guests by doing one of the following:

  • Set an existing guest's permissions to view-only.

  • Remove a view-only guest from all of their Teams.

  • Remove a guest from your Workspace.

When you remove a guest, their seat remains open until your next billing cycle. When you renew at the next billing cycle, we automatically remove any unused seats. 

Paid plan permission-controlled guest limits


Number of permission-controlled guests available for a one-person Workspace

Number of additional permission-controlled guests available per Workspace member invited




Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise



Unlimited Plan with no members except the Workspace owner:

  • Has a limit of 5 permission-controlled guests.

  • When they invite 1 member, they'll have a total of 7 permission-controlled guest seats.

Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise with no members except the Workspace owner:

  • Has a limit of 10 permission-controlled guests.

  • When they invite 1 member, they'll have a total of 15 permission-controlled guest seats.

For example, your Workspace is on the Unlimited Plan:

  • You invite 9 guests with permissions.
  • You started with 5 permission-controlled guest seats. 
  • You're the Workspace owner/only member.
  • Since your Workspace has 1 member, you get 2 additional free permission-controlled guest seats automatically. 
  • Since you now have 7 permission-controlled guest seats, you're charged the price of 2 members for all 9 guests.

You can add permission-controlled guests to specific locations and set their available actions in those locations.

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