Add-on FAQ

Add ClickUp AI, more Automations Actions, additional email accounts, or ClickUp Assist to your plan.  

ClickUp AI add-on

Owners and admins on paid plans can purchase ClickUp AI. 

Learn more about ClickUp AI.

  • Add ClickUp AI for $5 per Workspace member per month.
  • AI is purchased per Workspace. The fee applies to all of your Workspace's members. 

Automations Actions add-ons

Owners and admins can purchase more Automations Actions for a monthly fee. 
Learn more about Automations

Automations add-ons:

  • Add 1,000 Actions per month for $19.99 per month.

  • Add 10,000 Actions per month for $99.99 per month.

  • Add 100,000 Actions per month for $299.99 per month.

Email in ClickUp Add-ons

Owners and admins can purchase more email accounts to use with Email in ClickUp.

  • Add an email account for $24 per year.
  • Add email accounts for $2 per member. 

Can I try the Add-on before I buy it?

You can try AI for free on any plan!

The number of Automations Actions and email accounts available for free varies by plan. Learn more on our pricing page. If you'd like to add a trial of a plan to your Workspace, let us know.

How much is the add-on if I'm in the middle of my billing cycle?

Your add-on will match your current monthly or yearly ClickUp billing cycle.

ClickUp AI, Automations, and Email in ClickUp are charged in the following way:

The add-on amount will be prorated to match the amount of time you have left in your billing cycle.

For example, if you have 6 months left in your yearly billing cycle and the total amount of the add-on is $400 per year, then you will be charged $200.

ClickUp AI automatically renews. 

ClickUp Assist add-ons

Get personalized help creating workflows, onboarding your team, and setting up your Workspace. Learn more about adding ClickUp Assist to your plan. 

ClickUp Assist is charged in the following way:

ClickUp Assist is charged and automatically renewed based on your current plan renewal cycle. For your first purchase, you'll be charged an amount prorated for the number of days left in the month. If you do not use the services, they do not roll over to the next month.

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