Billing FAQ

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Frequently asked questions about billing and payments.

Owners and admins

Who can manage billing?

You must be an owner or admin to manage billing or discuss billing information with Customer Support. If you have questions about your billing contract, reach out to the Account Executive that you worked with or

Who can access your Workspace settings?

You must be an owner or admin to access these settings, which include security and permissions. 

Plans overview

What's the difference between the free and paid plans?

Some features have a limited number of uses on both free and paid plans. After you reach the limit you'll need to upgrade. For example, Free Forever offers 3 uses of Whiteboards, Unlimited offers 10, and Business and above plans offer any number of uses. 

More advanced features are available on paid plans, from the comprehensive Unlimited Plan to our most customizable Enterprise Plan. Check out the full comparison of plans.

Not everyone in my Workspace needs to use the paid features. Can I just upgrade individual accounts?

Plans are applied to an entire Workspace. All members in a Workspace have access to the same features.

Can I transfer a paid plan to another Workspace?

Plans aren't transferrable. Each Workspace needs to be upgraded separately.

Member and guest seats

How do member seats work?

A new member seat is automatically added when:

  • You invite a new member or admin.

  • You invite guests and you don't have any available permission-controlled guest seats available.

On a paid plan, when you add a member, we charge your default card. We process a one-time, prorated charge. You're charged only for the time remaining until your plan renews.

How do paid plan guest seats work?

If you want to collaborate with someone outside your organization, you can invite them as a guest.

There are two types of guest seats on our paid plans:

  • Free guest seats: View-only access. Can't be part of a Team.

    • You can have an unlimited number of free guests.

  • Paid guest seats (also called permission-controlled guests): Can have any permissions. Can join Teams.

    • The number of paid guest seats varies by plan.

Each paid plan includes a number of permission-controlled guest seats. For each member you add, more guest seats are added.

  • Unlimited Plan: 5 permission-controlled guests + 2 for each additional member.

  • Business Plan and higher: 10 permission-controlled guests + 5 for each additional member.

For example, your Workspace is on the Unlimited Plan with just you as the Workspace owner. You start with 5 permission-controlled guest seats. You invite 9 guests with specific permissions. We charge you for 2 member seats to add 4 permission-controlled guest seats to your Workspace.

If you don't have any paid guest seats available, a new member seat is automatically added to the number of paid guest seats available when:

  • You invite a guest with permissions other than view only.

  • You add a guest to a Team.

Add or remove members and guests

We need to add someone new to our Workspace. How will that be billed?

When you invite someone to join your Workspace, we'll process a one-time, prorated charge based on the remaining time until your next renewal! You'll be charged only for the time remaining until your plan renews.

For example, say you pay $60 per member. You're 6 months from renewal. When you invite a new member, you're charged around $30, not $60. You're only paying for the 6 remaining months til renewal that the new member will access your Workspace.

Note: If you convert a guest to a member and don't have any available member seats, you'll be charged for an additional seat.

What happens when I remove a person from my Workspace?

Their seat remains open. If your Workspace has an open seat, you can fill it by adding a new member or converting a guest to a member for no charge.


How do I set limited permissions for members or guests?

Through permissions settings, owners and admins can limit a member's access.

All paid plans include free unlimited view-only guest seats. On all paid plans, you can also add a limited number of permission-controlled guests.

Upgrade or downgrade

How do I upgrade my plan?

Workspace owners and admins can upgrade their plan at any time.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

    • Free Forever Plans: Click Upgrade.

    • Unlimited Plans and above: Select Billing. Then click the Upgrade button on the Business or Business Plus plan. To upgrade to Enterprise, click Contact Sales.

  2. Choose a yearly or monthly billing cycle.

  3. Provide your card information.

  4. Click Upgrade.

What happens if I upgrade my paid plan during my billing cycle?

You'll be upgraded instantly, with full access to the features available in your new plan. You'll be charged a prorated amount that takes into account the amount you have paid previously and the time left in your current plan.

How do I downgrade my plan?

Workspace owners and admins can downgrade their plan at any time.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. Select Billing.

  3. From your active plan, click Downgrade Plan.

  4. From the Downgrade modal, select a new plan.

Your plan will immediately switch to the new plan. All of your data will remain in the Workspace and can be accessed if you choose to upgrade again.

Screenshot highlighting the 'downgrade plan' button.

You can downgrade to any lower plan. If you need help finding the right plan for you, contact us!

What happens if I downgrade my paid plan during my billing cycle?

You can downgrade at any time during your billing cycle. For charges made in the last 30 days, we provide a full refund.


How do I update my credit or debit card information?

Admins and owners can add a new payment card and change their default payment method from their Workspace settings.

My Workspace has credits available. How do we use them?

We automatically apply credits when you upgrade, add a person, or your plan renews for the next billing cycle.

Do you accept PayPal?

We don't accept PayPal at this time. You can use a valid debit or credit card.

Can I switch between monthly and yearly subscriptions?

Absolutely! Owners and admins can contact us using the email address associated with their account on the form.

Payment security

Who has access to my credit card information?

Only Workspace owners and admins have access to change payment methods. The last four digits of the card number and the expiration date are visible.

Is it safe to enter my credit card details into ClickUp?

We maintain ongoing PCI compliance. We follow strict industry standards for storing, processing, and transmitting credit card information online.

For more details, check out our Security page.

If you have any questions or concerns about the security of your data or credit card information, please contact us.


What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all paid plans! A refund will be applied as long as your account doesn't reflect a prorated credit at any time during the billing cycle.


How do I download my latest invoice?

Owners and admins can download invoices.

It can take up to 24 hours for invoices to generate. If you don't see an invoice for your most recent charge, it likely hasn't been generated yet.

To access invoices for payments made prior to August 1, 2018, contact us.

Where can I enter VAT details or addresses on my invoices?

Owners or admins can enter this info.

  1. Click your Workspace avatar in the lower-left corner.

  2. From your Workspace settings, select Billing.

  3. Add info to the Invoice Details field.

  4. Click Save.

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