Create Docs and pages on mobile

Create new Docs and add pages to them from anywhere using the mobile app.

What you'll need

Create a Doc on mobile

You can create a new Doc from the Navigation toolbar or Sidebar.

From the Navigation toolbar:

  1. In the lower-right, tap More.
  2. Tap New Doc.
    Screenshot highlighting the New Doc button.png
  3. Name the Doc.
    • To make the Doc private, tap the Private checkbox.
  4. Tap Done.

From the Sidebar:

  1. From the left side of your screen, swipe right to open the Sidebar.
  2. Tap Docs.
  3. Select a category:
    • All
    • Assigned to me
    • Shared with me
    • Private
  4. Tap Create new Doc.
  5. Name the Doc.
  6. Tap Done.

Create a Doc and add it to the Sidebar

To create a new Doc and add it to the Sidebar:

  1. Swipe right from the left side of the screen or tap the Sidebar menu icon to open the Sidebar.
  2. Open a Space or Folder.
  3. Tap the + icon next to the Space or Folder name.
  4. Tap Create a Doc.
  5. Enter the name of your new Doc.
  6. Tap Done.

Create a Doc view on mobile

To create a new Doc view:

  1. Navigate to Everything, a Space, a Folder, or a List.
  2. Tap the current view displayed under the location name.
  3. Tap + Add view.
  4. Select Doc.
  5. The Doc view is created immediately.

Deleting a Doc view will also delete the Doc. To avoid deleting the Doc, move the Doc's location before deleting the view. 

Add pages to a Doc on mobile

You can add pages and subpages to Docs on mobile.

Add a page

To add a page to a Doc on mobile:

  1. Open a Doc.
  2. In the lower-right corner, tap the edit icon.
  3. In the upper-right corner, tap the sidebar icon.
  4. Tap Add Page.
  5. Name the page.
  6. Tap Done.

Add a subpage

To add a subpage to a Doc on mobile:

  1. Open a Doc.
  2. In the upper-right, tap the pages icon.
    Screenshot highlighting the pages icon on a Doc.png
  3. Tap the ellipsis ... icon next to a page.
  4. Tap Add Subpage.
  5. Name the subpage.
  6. Tap done on your mobile keyboard.
  7. The subpage is created immediately.

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