Personal Productivity best practices

ClickUp can also be used to maximize your personal productivity. Use the following recommended features to be more productive.


Inbox lets you communicate with your team across all tasks, Docs, Chats, and Lists from a single Inbox and puts your work side-by-side with notifications.

Your Inbox is personal to you and specific to each Workspace, so you'll only see updates from the Workspace you're actively working in.

Image of the Inbox in ClickUp

Notification Settings

Notification settings allow you to customize notifications to fit your personal work style and preferences. It's also important to remember to remove yourself as a watcher if you no longer need to follow a task. These tips will keep your notifications manageable and actionable.


With Favorites you can bookmark your favorite Lists, views, Docs, and more. Access them quickly from the left-hand side navigation. Favorite key resources like newsletters, wikis, asset libraries, and locations you frequently visit.


Throughout your workday, "minimize" a task or Doc to the Tray to come back to it later. To keep your Tray tidy, remove tasks and docs from your Tray after you have taken action on them.

Universal search

With universal search, instantly find any file, whether it's in ClickUp or a connected app, all from one place. You can even search for information in Box, Dropbox, Figma, Google Drive, Confluence, and more.

Automatic assignees and watchers

For those managing or monitoring all tasks at a location, easily set assignees or watchers using the Automate menu to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Those can be set for an entire Space, Folder, or List.

Bulk Action Toolbar

Use the Bulk Action Toolbar to select multiple tasks and make changes to all of them at once, like setting fields, updating status, and more.

Me Mode

Use Me Mode to focus on what's important. You can also click the Me icon to quickly filter any view to tasks that are assigned to you.

Private views

Create private views to give yourself a place to filter and group data for your own needs, without affecting the public views. You can create private views for any type of view.

Slash commands

Slash Commands can be used in Docs, task descriptions, comments, and many other areas of CilckUp. Use / to add enriched formatting, attach images, apply templates, access CilckUp AI, and more.


Write down notes and ideas in the Notepad, then quickly convert the note to a task or Doc.


Set Reminders with a specific date, and get notified automatically in your Home or Inbox depending on your notification settings.

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