Duplicate Custom Fields with Custom Field Manager

Need an exact copy of a Custom Field? Want to modify it slightly, but keep the original data intact? You can duplicate any Custom Field from the Custom Field Manager.

What you'll need

  • Custom Field Manager is available on all ClickUp plans.
  • Guests can't use the Custom Field Manager.
  • On Business Plus and Enterprise Plans, members can access the Custom Field Manager if the Manage Custom Fields custom permission is enabled for members.
  • The options to merge and move Custom Fields are available on the Enterprise Plan.
  • There is a 25,000 task limit when duplicating Custom Fields.

Available options

You can duplicate any Custom Field, which creates a new Custom Field.

The following table lists the options that are preserved when duplicating a Custom Field.

Custom Field option Included?
Name Yes
Description Yes
Type Yes
Visibility Yes
Locations Yes
Required on tasks Yes
Required on subtasks Yes
Visible for guests Yes
History No
Filters No
Forms No
Views No
Automations No

Duplicate a Custom Field

You can duplicate a Custom Field from the Custom Field Manager.

  1. To the right of the Custom Field, click the ellipsis ... icon. 
  2. Click Duplicate.
  3. A new Custom Field with the same options will be created.

Screenshot of the Custom Field ellipsis menu, highlighting the option to duplicate a Custom Field.

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