Intro to start and due dates

Set start dates and due dates on tasks and learn how to remap them.

Start Dates and Due Dates

Start dates and due dates allow you to create a clear timeframe for tasks to begin and end.

If you plan on adding due dates for subtasks, consider remapping subtask due dates. This preserves the relative position of your subtask due dates when you create tasks from a template.

You can add dates in three places:

In List View

  • Click on the calendar shown in the "Start Date" and "Due Date" columns to add dates to tasks. Make sure you've enabled these columns by clicking on the plus sign “+” above your tasks and selecting from the dropdown menu.

In Board View

  • Hover over a task in Board View and click on the calendar icon to add dates.

In Task View

  • Click on the calendar icon on the upper right side of your task to add start and due dates.

Note that when adding a start or due date, you can also specify a time! For example, just type in "Today at 5 pm" to set a time-specific start or due date.

Remap dates in Templates

If any tasks in your Space, Folder, or List templates have start and due dates, those dates can be saved when you create a template.

When you use the template, you can use the original Start and Due Dates or update them to a different date by remapping them.

Instead of manually updating every task, all your tasks will be updated when the template is applied.

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